Dehydration, Dry Mouth & Eyes & Dry Everything

Sue, I have been getting the D checked once a year - I last had it checked late Feb. I can't remember the last number but it has been in the 30s since I started getting it checked 3 years ago. I now take 10,000 units of the D3 and it has been slowly coming up. I have read about the low D causing fatigue.

I wanted to let you guys know that I figured out my dryness problem and it had nothing to do with being diabetic. I figured it out by accident – I suddenly became allergic to spandex. When I was reading about that, I came across a woman that said she had neurological problems caused by memory foam and once she got all the foam out of her house, her problems went away. I have used a memory foam pillow since the summer of 2005 and just got a new memory foam mattress in June.

I started reading more about memory foam problems and several sites said that it does cause neurological problems but no one linked the studies. I decided to sleep on the couch and ditch the memory foam pillow. Even though I didn’t sleep great, I woke up feeling better than I had in ages.

I started sleeping on the couch on a Monday night. Saturday, I was upstairs cleaning. I had closed the door to my bedroom because I read that pets can also have problems and I wanted to keep the dog and cat out. It was in the low 60s in there and I started to sweat – I can’t tell you the last time I actually sweated. Two days later, I was on the treadmill for the first time in ages and the sweat was just pouring off of me. My hands were sweating so much that the bar I hold onto was soaked. For the first week, it was like I had several years of sweat trying to get out but now, I am sweating like a normal person again.

Several people said that it took about 2 months for them to feel better. I marked yesterday’s date on the calendar because that was 8 weeks from when I started sleeping on the couch. My skin is back to normal and not all dried out. Even though my eyes were “bone dry” according to my eye doctor, I have pretty much stopped putting all the drops in my eyes. I have a very small amount of dryness once in awhile but I am guessing that is just normal winter dryness. The conditioner I use on my hair is a weekly one and I had started using that daily because my hair was so dry. My hair is back to normal also and I am using my conditioner weekly again.

My treadmill broke right after I started using it again so I haven’t been doing any real exercise. I have lost 12 pounds in the 8 weeks but haven’t changed my eating habits. I feel like my metabolism was asleep also and started waking up. I feel better than I have in years.

I want to be clear that I know the memory foam did not cause my original neuropathy – I had that before ever using memory foam. However, I do believe that it made things worse and contributed to a lot of the problems I was having.

I saw my PCP at the end of Dec and when I mentioned it to him, he agreed that the memory foam was causing the problem. It makes me wonder why he so readily agreed and what he knows.

If you are having some odd problems and using memory foam, try giving it up for awhile and see if they go away. I never in my life would have guessed the problems I was having were caused by memory foam.

That is wonderful news. So many of us struggle with health problems never finding out the cause. And our doctors quickly run through their standard tests and then totally lose interest in us. After we reach that point they often just try to offer us an antidepressent in the hopes that we will just stop complaining. You on the other hand became a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Way to go.

Hi Kelly. I don't have any memory foam in the house right now, and after reading your post, I never will! I already have a list of allergies and I don't need to be exposed to any more. Thanks for your original post and this follow-up.