Déjà Vu

When I was 16, I was told that my breath stinks. I couldn’t understand why, I did brush daily. No matter how frequently I brushed, my breath always smelled like ■■■■.

I accepted that I was different and believed this would be my life forever. I used to interact less, would talk with mouth closed, I stayed away from girls.

Then, in college, I discovered mouthwash. I carried a small bottle of it everywhere. I had to hide it from everyone yet keep it on me all the time. The day I slacked and did not use mouthwash before a conversation, would be a day of immense embarrassment. I believed there was no cure. I was afraid that even if I manage to control it daily by mouth washing 6-10 times a day, I would have to face future complications since I wouldn’t be able to hide it forever. No girl would love me. I would be lonely for rest of my life.

I couldn’t go for sleepovers. Every morning, after every meal, every now and then, I would have to sneak into an empty bathroom, check my breath and use mouthwash. Even after all this, there would still be times I would stink

Eventually I discovered that all I had to do was use a tongue cleaner and now everything is great. When I look back, I remember years of being depressed, about my condition and about my future

Now that I am exposed to type 1 diabetes, I have a better outlook towards the disease. Mouthwash being my insulin, breath tests being my finger stick tests. Long term complications being an analogy to fear of lifetime of loneliness

The difference is, now I have someone who loves me. I have technology assisting me, making management easier. I have doctors to help me and a community that gets me

I hope, just like the tongue cleaners, someone finds a cure for diabetes too.


Congratulations on a remarkable analogy! You should be a writer, if you aren’t yet. Welcome to TuD. I just know you will prove to be a fabulous addition to this wonderful forum.

Welcome to the group, Ready1. It nice to have a clean and fresh new user with new perspective on stuff.