Delayed T2201 DTC Decision

Sent my application in a couple of months ago - rec'd this the other day:

We are writing about your eligibility for the disability tax credit (DTC).

We are acknoledging receipt of your application for the disability tax credit.

There is a delay in the processing of your Form T2201, "Disability Tax Credit Certificate." As soon as we have completed our review, we will advise you.

Has anyone else ever received this letter?
Thoughts from anyone who has gone through the process?


Bec, may I suggest you add the discussion in the Canada Group , since the DTC is a Canadian " thing " or add to the ongoing discussions ( 2) ??
This may not answer your question , however I have been denied in the past ,because my GP did " incomplete " the form .
Re did the form , signed by my fav Specialist and have not had to repeat the task of supplying any more detail for several years .One can appeal!! Have you received the DTC previously ? Don't give up .

Cheers Nel - I tried to search for those discussions (as I was sure I had replied to one before!), however, I'm still new to the site and not a savvy forum person ;)
I have never applied before - I only heard about the credit through this site and I've only been here since February (of this year!), so fingers crossed I receive 'the right' response soon!

Cheers Bikette - I figured as much, however, having had numerous discussions re:the form with others, something like the letter I received never came up, so I figured I should double check. Thanks - makes my brain feel better just to put it out there and know others are thinking the same as me ;)

Hi Bec , the original discussion presently because Loke responded has become the " first " discussion ( disability tax credit for persons with diabetes ) ...BJ's ( help for anyone wanting assistance ....) probably on page 4 ?? Do let us know how you make out..

It took us about 9 weeks to get our decision. We applied in Feb and got our approval May 1st (go figure! had to file without it) Submitted the adjustment that day and we are still waiting on that to go through. I called and they said it could take up to 12 weeks for the return to come. We had no problems being accepted tho, as long as the forms are filled out correctly, its automatic acceptance for T1.

thanks nel - not so savvy at all this, i even replied to one (or both) of those discussions...
alas, i was declined.

HI Bec

Can you give your timelines, after you got this letter of delay, how long did it take to get answer from Revenue Canada? Did your DTC get approved and when?