Deleted blog

I have been asked by a certain lawfirm to remove my blog, reguarding my personal experience, and my own personal opinion, or I will face being sued for defamation.

I have also been instructed to give an apology to the surgeon, satifactory to the lawfirm that reperesents him.

Whatever happend to freedom of speech, and if none of this is true, then why are they looking for peoples blogs on the internet???

Just wondering.

OK this bothers me. I understand a professional looking out for his/her character and I could understand if you used the surgeons name them asking to please remove the name, but to threaten lawsuit wtf. We are allowed to state our opinions and a blog is an opinion piece. So I could see if you said he/she preformed something along the lines of a malpractice issue or HEPA violation them asking to remove said surgeons name and place of practice on the other hand if you said they had a bad bedside manner and was a jerk that is from your own experience and you should be free to state what you feel…

i shouldnt feel special, the lawsuit is given to everyone and anyone saying anything negative. I figured that the news cast said it all… but apparently I am not allowed to repeat it.

The links you included had the doc’s name, but that’s public info. There are sites that rate doctors where people include more seething critques than yours. Damage control on their part & whole lot of smoke. There must be so much negative press on this doctor that they’re trying to contain it. Not sure how I’d respond to that demand. I’d probably tell them “too bad” & threaten them with harrassment.

Acidrock was talking about the differences between discussions and blogs. I wonder if we’re safer giving our opinions concerning surgeons and other medical people on discussions, or if there is no difference.

No difference between stating opinions on blogs or discussions if someone is searching as they were.

I normally wouldn’t have mentioned the name, however I too felt that it was public knowlege. I am awaiting a return call from a lawyer as we speak, to see what my options are.
As I understand the notice, it sounds like if I comply with their demands, such as deleting the post, which I have, and have taken steps to have the cach removed from the search engine, which I have, and an apology at my convienance, that they may not proceed further.

An apology! No way I’d do that. Let us know what your lawyer says. Threatening legal action to manipulate & frighten people is misuse of the law. You have a right to share your experience & opinion as long as what you’re writing is true.

Ya well, there is the issue right there. It always comes down to he/said she/said. And dont forget the mighty bank account for which there are laws for the rich and laws for the poor.
I have no intention of getting into any legal battles with anyone. Its just not worth it mentally or physically.
I do however have more blogs coming up that will be both entertaining and informative, and the only names in them will be for reference material I have used. I have alot to say, and I will be heard! :wink:

Apologizing is admitting guilt. What did your lawyer say?

I went through the lawyer referal service here in BC. I was told that there currently are no lawyers that specialise in defamation/libel law here in my city or the surround cities.
So someone I know who works in the legal profession told me to write the lawyer an email myself and see what comes of it. as of today I have not heard a response.
Once I do, I will keep you informed in a private email as to what my letter was about and how they responded to it.

Please let me know what happens. Guess that doctor has the only defamation/libel attorney in your area. How are you feeling? Is your surgery scheduled?