Delivery on a pump

i have the paradigm pump and sometimes when it is delivering it will hurt. why is this only sometimes and what can i do to prevent it?

Hi Lyla.
Sometimes this happens to me and usually it is because the insulin is cold or the infusion site is very close to the muscle layer. I can’t say this is always the reason but it seems to be most of the time for me. Hope this helps.
Be well and Be loved

It happens to me too. My doc said it was probably because the end of the canula was right at the end of a nerve. There is no way to prevent it because there is no way to know where your nerve endings are. The only thing you can do is live with it or change your site.

i have that happen to me sometimes. also sometimes the area where the site is is sore to the touch. it annoys me but i usually just deal w/ it unless it gets really bad. i don’t much like changing so i try not to if i don’t need to.