Demistify Creativity - (3 of 3)

Myth #3 - I can’t turn on creativity when I want.

Well, that’s probably really close to the truth. No one likes to sit in a meeting when someone says…”OK, let’s all come up with some ideas on how to sell this broken glass to babies“. It seems as if the second you’re in a creative meeting…the creativity gets killed in a Blend-Tec. Why is that?

Usually the right atmosphere for creativity is never achieved.
Sometimes the wrong people are in the room.
You may never feel that your ideas are valued or taken seriously.

So when am I supposed to get creative? Oddly enough, it’s usually when you’re least expecting it. Some of the most creative times happen far away from the subject you’re trying to create around. It’s usually down times when your brain has had a chance to relax and breathe a bit. Here’s some examples:

Watching the previews at the movie theater.
Mowing the lawn.
Driving your car listening to music.
Exercising (especially outdoors).

As your mind is occupied with other things…it hasn’t forgotten what you’re supposed to be creating. It just needs something to boost it. Something completely unrelated on TV can help you get ideas and be creative.

Just because you can’t sit in a board room with flourescent lighting and pump out ideas like a machine…doesn’t mean you aren’t creative.

You are creative…you just thought it looked different.