Denial or disinterest?

Was my doctor disinterested or in denial? After all she’s a doctor, she shouldn’t be disinterested.

Was she in denial? Did she really believe that she could effectively treat a patient with diabetes for the long haul? Why did she never suggest a referral to an endocrinologist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, or a dermatologist? Why did she never explore determining the type of diabetes I have?

Maybe it was denial. Have you ever had a doctor that obviously didn’t want to touch you? Aren’t doctors supposed to at least periodically examine the feet of their diabetic patients? I didn’t go to medical school, but peering at my feet from her chair across the room doesn’t constitute an exam.

Maybe it wasn’t denial, maybe she’s a very smart business woman. Of course she was, she had me come in every 3 months, spent 8 minutes with me, gave out a few disapproving looks, and filled out prescriptions. As a reward she got to file a nice fat insurance claim.

She actually told me once I was in denial. I was so shocked by the statement I couldn’t respond. How is anyone in denial after spending 5 years controlling their blood sugar with diet alone? How could I be in denial once I realized that 65% of the adults in my Dad’s family have diabetes? How could I be in denial after my Aunt died from hypoglycemia? It wasn’t denial, it was disinterest–disinterest in a physician that showed disinterest in her patient.

My diabetes diagnosis changed in May of this year after 13 years of being treated for type 2, turns out I had LADA. New docs, and new meds have given me a new lease on life.
• Gone are the gut wrenching cramps associated with Glucophage/Metformin.
• Gone is the sun sensitivity from Amaryl (not good for a redhead).
• Gone is the total exhaustion from Actos
• Gone are my hands going to sleep after taking Altase.
• Gone are the disapproving looks from my internist when my A1c was not as low as she wanted.
• Gone is the time when the doctor doesn’t listen, doesn’t have time, or just doesn’t care.

Wow, 5 years is a long time with wrong dx. I’m curious how did your LADA vs T2 finally get figured out? Was it a different doc or did you push your regular doc?

Three different docs over the thirteen years, all had virtually the same attitude. I really thought it wouldn’t get much better. Boy, was I wrong! Started looking for a new doc for my boys to move from the pediatrician to family practice. This new guy didn’t want to see my old chart, he said, “let’s start from scratch and see what’s going on.” He referred me to see an endo after the c-peptide showed virtually no insulin production. It’s been great ever since.

My doc is the same… I go in, he shakes his head at my BS levels, goes through the list of normal questions “Are you eating right, are you taking your insulin daily, are you toggling the units taken with what you eat…” He treats me like I have been stupid for the past 7 yrs of having diabetes :stuck_out_tongue: Im not self sabotaging myself here… something is else is wrong… then he signs me off on more med prescriptions and tells me to see him in a week… rinse repeat… getting old now. lol You wanna take their face in your hands and say “FIX ME!” lol