Dental questions

I went to dentist this last week and was told to start flossing and was shown how to. And was told a mouth guard is a MUST, for my grinding.As it is really bad.And getting a tooth straightened if I would like is an option I never knew I had. I then met some friends today who said it is all BAD!! It would cause me to many infections and said to not even think of doing or getting any of it done. Is this all true? Is flossing bad? And if I got mouth guard it would cause me pain and more infections? And getting my teeth straightened will give me infections? I don’t understand, I thought we were to take care of them and theses should help…very confused.

I am not experienced in these procedures/mouth equipment. I do not know how they would straighten one tooth but If you’re talking about braces, they will show you how to keep them clean, allthough it may be a pain.

As far as a mouth guard, I do not see how that would cause infections since it is just in your mouth for what…7 hours? If you clean them daily and use a mouth wash to rince your mouth, you should be Fine. Keep your blood sugars in a good bs range. If you have Thrush, that is another matter.

Do Floss and brush daily! This is important! Especially for a Diabetic. I was too busy (and lazy) to floss before and I started having problems with my teeth and gums. About 11 yrs. ago, I started taking my Dentist’s advice to floss along with my daily brushing. I got used to it. My appointment 2 weeks ago again came back with Good results. No cavities, bleeding, inflammation(Gingivitis). :slight_smile: Keeping your sugars in the Good range at least most of the time, is Very important regarding teeth and gums issues, of course. Other things may happen in your mouth but at least you will know that you did your part in keeping it healthy.

Thank you for the responses. The teeth straightening I would get is called invisible aligners. It is trays that are invisible that you wear for like 22 hours a day and they slowly turn your teeth.I would have to get 1 tooth filed so it could fit in the space. But otherwise nothing but putting trays on them and wearing for a long time. I don’t see how that could hurt me. And the mouth guard is to be made so it will fit me better then a hockey mouth guard which is what I used to wear before I got diabetes. As for flossing, I have bleeding gums when I brush and I was told they look o.k but they need abit more help so I should start flossing. My BGL’s are o.k. Not Good, but o.k. So that maybe why…
As for the dentist, he is family friend and he said he will give me discount. He is very good dentist with GREAT recommendations and I will stick with him. My other dentist I had some trouble with as every time she said we would take another tooth out! I haven’t been back to see her as she is waiting for me to make appt. to take one out.Tooth was checked last week and it doesn’t need to come out!! Had my teeth cleaned for first time ever, my hygienist was very good, and very thorough. And good teacher. she showed me how to floss then watched to make sure I did it right. Will do it. but don’t want to hurt myself or pay for it in the future.

I am diabetic, I am particularly vulnerable to dental problems. I have had gum problems for years. Despite flossing and brushing my teeth several times a day as well as using an irrigator, I still her serious gum problems. High blood sugars just feed the infections. And I use a mouthguard when I sleep, I grind my teeth causing damage to my teeth. Worry about first things first before you go and get your teeth straigtened. Get your tooth care in order and get you mouth in good health, then you can decide whether to have further work done. In the end, some of it has to do with how much money you want to spend.