Dental work W/ type1 diabetes

Okay here is the deal, I had a tooth break in half and so it needs to be removed. The problem is that I can’t get an appt with the dentist till Monday and it is so painful. I have been avoiding food like the plague in hopes there would be less pain, but without success. My Question is what can I do till Monday in order to avoid the highs and lows. highs from pain I am assuming and the lows of course from no food. I have a pump and knocked down my basal by 10% but I still am getting hit with the lows. I know I have to eat but it just hurts so bad. On Monday they are pulling it so I will be avoiding food again I am sure. So any ideas on what to do till this nightmare is over??

Ok, here is a suggestion. Dental wax and liquid diet. I’m not talking beer, I’m talking protein/meal replacement shakes, soup, etc. You can get dental wax at most pharmacies. It is made for braces, but you should be able to use if for this purpose. Mold it around your poor wounded tooth, it won’t stay on through chewing, but it should hold in place and keep some of the sensitive contact and temperature pain away while you get your much needed nutrition. And don’t forget about an NSAID, that will reduce swelling and inflammation and take the edge off the pain.

pick up the phone and find a dentist that can see you before then! if you still cant find one, then your not looking hard enough

Ouch! How about soup? Not too hot, of course. Eggs don’t need chewing. Please drink enough water. Use a straw.

Great suggestion from bsc about dental wax. If you can’t find this, sugarless chewing gum also works.

I’d be calling another dentist or demanding a pronto appt. Tell them you’re in extreme pain & can’t wait. Dentists have emergency appointments.