why is it that if your sugar levels rise you get depressed for no reason? this week i had the flu for the first time since i have been diagnosed, it was a strugle to learn to cope with it but i made it. now i am just feeling super depressed and can not give a reason. i am sruggling to get back to the bubbly person i was.

It could be you are still sick from the flu and/or recovering. It may take some time to get over it. As you said, it was a struggle so between the diabetes and the flu, you’re brain is exhausted!

Go outside and sit in the sun, if you can. Or sit near a big window. This time of year (for those of us in Winter season), we need more light to stay sane.

Unfortunately, depression is part of diabetes, but just know that you are not alone here. All of us have felt sad, angry, depressed, et cetera, purely because of our diabetes. Talk to your doctor if you are really having a hard time, as it may be out of your control and time for medical advice.

Getting out there and sitting in the sun (like PaulaO suggested), watching your favorite movie, or just venting your feelings here are all great steps in feeling better.

I can relate to this feeling as well. Know that you are not alone.

so i sat in the sun yesterday admiring all the wonders (thaks for the advice PaulaO) and then i took a long bath untill i looked like a prune. i feel so much better today. so happy that i found this community.

Oh good! I’ve had depression for a long time. Currently not on any medication but I highly recommend you speaking to your doctor about it. Having any chronic illness or condition is a downer.