Aside from the well know fact that diabetes often begets depression; the mere intertwining of other conditions is an open invitation to depression.

Aside from talking to others who’ve been there!

Depression, even without diabetes is a terrible, insidious disease, and many people suffer without acknowledging that fact because of the stigma attached to admitting mental illness,

Yet I would say that finding out that you have diabetes, or living constantly with diabetes must take its psychological toll. Yet the doctors are all too quick (sic) to try to treat the physiological symptoms but don’t seem to want to even address the issue of the mental damage that living with diabetes indubitably causes.

Maybe we should have a T-shirt that says SMILE if you’ve got diabetes???


So true that; the stigma…as well, it’s not something you would want on your work record. The more “concerns” one has, the fewer the job opportunities…never mind the chance to climb up the ladder!