Design a diabetic goalie mask suggestions what to put on it

Hockey season is coming up soon got me thinking of designing a mask. I want to design a mask that has stuff on it that has to do with diabetes but don’t want the hole mask to do with diabetes. Looking for any suggestion on diabetes stuff and non diabetes stuff to but on it. Draw a design or any photos of things in a comment or just right what you think would be cool on it. Thanks greatly appreciate any suggestions out there.

A finger with a blood drop? Or a blood drop? Blue circle for World diabetes day?

thanks jessica

I like the world diabetes day logo. Manny has some stikers for, that wold be cool as well.

rick phillips

thanks rick i will have to look at them stickers

As a fan of goof-old-fashioned hockey violence, how about something like one guy slashing another with his stick, then somebody trying to catch the flying blood on a meter? Might be hard to squeeze all that in on a helmet…

Other thoughts:
-Outline a black hockey puck with the blue circle for World diabetes day.
-Maybe some sort of hockey stick/goalie stick made from a syringe or test strip?
-You could always put a pic of Ron Hextall on there…that dude knew how to draw blood!

Do we have any artists around here who could help mock something up? I’m fair-to-middlin’ at stick drawings…

Cheers and good luck, Mike

thanks mike great sugestion love how you add the diabets stuff into the hockey theam like the puck idea would of nevre though of it myself glad you did ya we need to find an artists around here come on out you artists