Desperate moment

I had my pump cartridge leak today. When I investigated it , it totally broke off.
I cart extra sets but never cartridges.
It was 9 am so I engineered a solution and it worked all day. Using some peek tubing and gorilla glue
I’m changing it now. But I’m kind of proud of this moment.


Necessity is the mother of invention. Well done! A little MacGyverism at its best.

Although I admire your ingenuity I’m really happy I haven’t opened the door to these necessities in my own life

Now I’m looking around the house wondering what I could MacGuyver if I had to…

Eyeing the fish tank


I. Really. Didn’t want to, luckily I am an engineer and I have a ton of fun stuff at work.
I was just trying to get me through the day so I didn’t have to drive home with a high sugar just to get a new cartridge.