Detached Tubing and Warranty Follow-up

Yep, two separate subjects in one:

I saw a discussion on here somewhere about the letters that went out about Tubing that detached. So I just got delivery of supplies from Animas and on top was the letter about the disconnecting problem including the lot numbers that were affected. So I checked my last remaining box and it was on the list. But surprisingly, when I opened the box and checked my new infusion sets, they were on the problem list too! I realize it was a small number of problems that have occurred, but doesn't it seem strange that they sent me the lots with a possible problem??

Ok, Warranty: I spoke to Animas not long ago and they told me my warranty is up on 12/26 and they would send me a letter confirming this after and a sales rep to call about ordering my new Ping. So today is the 9th. Only a couple weeks until my warranty is up. Cutting it kind of close. Anyone know how much ahead of time you usually get the letter?

I had two disconnection issues and I called animas. Both times it happened overnight and I woke with very high bgs. I reported it to animas and they said they weren’t doing a recall but that they were aware of the issue. Which I thought was very odd. Those disconnects could have easily ended up in a hospital visit. If I were you I would demand that they replace those boxes. It was not fun to wake up to AT ALL.

Regarding the warranty: I wouldn’t wait for them to call you. Also, are you at all interested in getting the vibe? If so call NOW before your warranty ends. It might be cheaper to upgrade now as opposed to purchase after your warranty is up.

No, it does NOT sound like fun at all! Sorry you had that awful experience! I will call Animas and ask them to replace the boxes.

No, I'm not at all interested in the Vibe. I would miss the meter/remote, have no interest in a CGM and probably couldn't get the Vibe as I'm on Medicare and they don't cover CGM's. The guy was pretty clear that the process was to wait on the letter, but if I don't hear in the next week I'll probably call about that as well.

mine expired at the end of Nov and I got neither a letter nor a call.

Zoe, which type of infusion sets were involved in the problenm? I didn't ever get a letter, but then I use connect-detach most of the time.

What exactly are you talking about when you say "detached tubing". Is the tubing coming away from the cartridge luer connector or is it the other end, coming away from the infusion set or disconnected from the attachment?

The problems are with the Comfort, Comfort Short and Contact Detach. (Certain lots)
I'm not good at explaining things like this (though I have a picture in front of me!). Not the cartridge side. On the Contact Detach it is coming away from the little connecter piece (not the actual part that goes in your body).

I actually called them, Mike(to ask if I was actually qualified for a new pump since I'm now on Medicare) and when I spoke to the sales rep he said he would be sending me out a notice of being out of warranty and I should call him when I receive it.

Here's what Medtronic sent to us.........

I'm the same - with the boxes that are "suspicious". I have to admit - because I don't stock pile like some people do - I'm stuck. Though touch wood - so far - no issues as the letter warns. I think though if I was going on a holiday - which usually is 3 weeks long - I would be having to call up Animas to plead with them to replace the box - even if they've not been tested. Because as pumpers we have to take 3X the amount required, especially in my case, where I'm in a foreign country and no door-to-door delivery like I have in Canada. I would not want to risk having my sets fail on me.

I am lucky tho' that I can skip back/forth between MDI with relative ease. Not many pumpers can say this. I've forced myself off my pump from 1 up to 6 months, just to get back to MDI, incase I'm suddenly stuck without a working pump (my pump I use now - a 2020 has been out of warranty since April 2013). I had received a letter about a month or two before it expired. If they want your business they should have contacted you by now!!!

I am hoping to get a new pump (Ping) next year if I can get my head around the $$$'s I'll be pumping out (paying it off with my Visa travel rewards card - $7K can take me to the moon and back). Also, hoping to be able to afford separate Dexcom ($2-3K) - I was sold on going this route when I met up with Ginger Vieria last week (went and spent a few days with this uber preggo T1D). She's on MDI and doing well with an A1c under 6% (she went up abit - she was 5.1 at one point). She says the DEXCOM has helped keep her at a steady level. She sadly doesn't do well with pump infusion sets, so had to go back to MDI .. but main thing ... it works for her. That's all that counts - whatever makes you happy in your control of your diabetes health!!

Wish pumping wasn't so expensive for those without insurance coverage ....