Okay I am off my anxiety meds, took two months, and many weeks of feeling like crapola. I would return to them in a heart beat, but…

…I am determined to lose weight as I am 20 lbs over where I want to be and never had an issue with weight. My first step was to get off the drugs as I have read horror stories about weight gain, but endo does not think so, and I am leaning towards that not being the cause either. The cause to me is the ease of eating with the pump and my lows associated with exercise or any movement for me.

Soooooo, I have lowered my pump for up to an hour before a simple walk or gardening, to .05 and even after carbing up, this 2 mile walk and/or pulling weeds, I went low. :frowning:

Any suggestions for avoiding lows so I can resume my all day bike rides, gardening, walking, etc.

I need to lose this weight and endo states I need to up my exercise. (break a sweat)