First off, there's that Amtrak Incident. Are these people serious? Ditching a passenger in the woods? A diabetic one, to boot? And admitting this isn't the first time they've ditched people in the woods? Ridiculous. Thank goodness he's been found.

Secondly, my third day as a Dexcom Warrior is chronicled over at Six Until Me. Just as a sidenote: that picture of the darn Dexcom on the treadmill took forever last night to photoshop up. I would love to tap my internal graphic designer, but I think I may have killed her with caffeine.

And thirdly, I hope everyone has a terrific Friday and a great weekend. I'm off to Logan Airport on Sunday to reunite with my fiance after several weeks away. YAY!


Happy weekend, girl!


So glad Chris is finally home… :slight_smile: I’m also reading with great interest your DexComming… I want one of those things; though I’m sure if I had it, I’d be thinking the way you are - it’s bigger than I thought it would be…


Nicole, once I get my hands on a few spare sensors, you’re welcome to try mine out for a few days. I don’t plan on wearing it daily and would be happy to have a “Dexcom Library.”


Oooo… Kerri, would I take you up on that offer. In a heartbeat. Let me know, OK?

Enjoy your weekend. :slight_smile:


Have a great weekend! You must be so excited for Chris to come home. :slight_smile: