Dex 7 and Vista

Dell has stopped selling PCs with XP now that Mocrosoft has announced the end of support for it. Initially there were many reports of problems with Dex 7 software and Vista. Han anyone successfully used Dex 7 with Vista? What kinds of problems should I anticipate?

I am using the Dexcom software on a Dell Vista system and have had no problems. It installed and works with no issues. All of my USB ports were filled so I bought a USB hub. I hate plugging & unplugging cables.

Many thanks, Hank! Dexcom tech support also says it should work, but that one perhaps might have to download a special driver. I need to replace my PC and have had concerns about Vista, particularly as regards proprietary applications software, but you give me courage.

Olaf, I bought my PC in December 2007 and did not need to update any driver so I doubt you will need to if you are getting a new PC. Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll try to help. -Hank