Dex and My First 2 Sensors

I got 13 days out of my first Dex sensor and felt like I was triumphant - day 14 it went from 126 - then no reading for about 20 minutes then HIGH - I was interested to see the damage to my site, and when I removed it, I found NONE…it healed in a day or so…not red at all…and absolutely no irritation.

Sensor 2 was giving me some trouble….reading were way off…yet the trends were correct…I got some occasional noise and was almost to the point of taking it out and starting over…but I decided to just try to restart the same sensor… being overly cautious - I told Dex that I took off the transmitter waited a minute, and selected the start new sensor screen. I don’t really know if waiting or including the 'take off transmitter part' mattered…but 2 hours later I was 105 and 109 meter and Dex came on at 111. Sweet relief - it has been within 10% since then. On day 5 now.

For me, I found that setting my low alarm at 90 is best(unless of course I hover around 90 at night - that gets irritating) but at 90 I find that it alarms me and if my trend is falling decently quick, it catches the low before I feel low…I have a lot of hypo unawareness so when I feel it at night I would be between 30 and 40 - NO MORE.