Dex and omni have to decide how to split the cash

New post from Kelly about Dex omni partnerships...

This is what I feared, business partnerships must work financially for both companies...

We wear pods for three days, and dex for 14 days... so how is this going to work?

It will be hard for both of these companies to sign on for less money...
what will the revenue model be??

Here is the link. What does everybody think?

Yep, here is another good blog article on it:

I think that many are hoping that it will end up being the reincarnation of the Navigator in the US. But I’m with you that with current CGM technology, the timing differences would just not work. My Dex G4 is best from Days 3-8, so I certainly would hate to take the sensor off just as it was starting to work well.

All I know is that you need a Ouija Board to make a pump and/or CGM decision because you just don’t know which device will get to market the fastest and what that device will actually be.

I agree with TrueTheory that the DiabetesMine article is a must-read if you’re a pod user or thinking of becoming one. The only person I know personally who uses the pod doesn’t care about this because she loves the pod system so much.

Limiting any CGM sensor to 80 hours, the current duration of the Omnipod, is an unattractive idea to me. I've used Dexcom CGM's for three years now. Like many other users, I get very good accuracy in the second week of the sensor.

For me, a new sensor takes about 24-36 hours to settle in and get on track with my fingerstick BG's. Even if Omnipod produces a sensor that's accurate immediately, three days plus eight hour (80 hours) sensor life is a step backward, not an improvement.

I wore the Omnipod for five months last year. I had to replace many pods before 80 hours. If they had been integrated with a CGM sensor, that replacement experience would have wasted the value of a lot of sensors. And that's in addition to the early loss of the pod and all the insulin within.

With Omnipod's proposed pod/CGM system, it would take a minimum of 30 pods for a 90-day supply whereas I only need 12 Dexcom sensors for the same 90-day supply. The economics of this plan are moving in the wrong direction.

I appreciate Insulet's effort to make life easier; this plan, however, attempts to do so with unacceptable tradeoffs for me.

I agree with everyone, we should tell omnipod as customers not to go down this path, it would be an expensive waste of time for them. These are two big companies with very disruptive tech, both public and gunning for big profits, they may NOT be able to work together, but if they could work it out ( I agree the devices will need to be seperate) our second week of dex in the best! But still an integrated device or some mobile application could have an attractive business model for both!

I am an omnipod user and a Dexcom7 user also. I would like to see and integrated pod that would have a replaceable insulin caplet. It would last 9 days and would then be replaced the insulin caplet (holds Premeasured insulin) would be inserted every 3 days without replacing the pod. I am pretty sure something like tho could work and would simplify everything and make life better. JMHO

Insulet and Dexcom are no longer working together. They've "divorced" as it were.

yep, good idea!