Dex and Pump

I think I am at a point where I need a pump.
I have been on Dex CGM for about a year and it has been good.
Which pump will most Dex CGM users recommend?
How do I go about acquiring it?
At the moment, I am 100% covered on my CGM

The Animas Ping will be the first pump to offer integrated Dex in the US. It will launch soon after the G4 standalone so maybe 1st half 2013.

Animas Vibe would be right for you, if only FDA would have approved it (it sells in Europe now)

As they are not yet integrated, the dexcom is standalone and will work with any pump. I love my Ping ;)

Animas Vibe is Ping without remote integrated with latest Dex (G4).
FDA is going to approve it in 2012

Others can chime in about experiences with upgrading pumps but you might be able to get the Ping now and then pay an upgrade fee for the Vibe.

Thanks guys/lady. The other part of my question have not been addressed: What is the process of getting a pump? Would it be; go to my doctor, get several BG readings (which i dont do anymore as I have CGM), or should i start with the pump company?

A couple of things olu Oog (what does that mean/represent anyway?). Pumps are rx'd by docs. If your doc is like most, s/he won't even think about it without at least a few weeks of logs, evidence that you can count carbs, that you have fairly good control, etc., etc.

You said you dont do BG readings - do you mean you don't do fingersticks, but correct/bolus based on the CGM? If so, not a great idea as they can be seriously off.

To address the process, you will need to contact the pump companies to see which one will meet your needs comfortably. They will send you an information packet for your to read through, request from several companies to compare features that you want. The packet will include the paperwork for your doctor to fill out for the one you choose to go with. The process doesn't take to long depending on your insurance, they are the ones that take the longest. When you decide talk with your doctor and endo to see what they know about helping you get started with the one your looking to get. If they know them they can train you on the device, otherwise you will need to contact a trainer after you receive the device if they don't know how it works. They usually have one they recommend or prefer but if that is not the one you want just stick to your decision and let them learn with you, thats what I did with my pumps. I always get the ones they know nothing about so they have to learn with me, why? cause some think they know everything and I like the look of confusion on their face once in a while. They overwhelm you with information all the time and to change side at times is fun. I know that may sound stupid but it works for me, I am the diabetic and know what I can or can not handle.

It is not good to rely on your Dex for all your readings, even with the calibration readings being in the history of your dex you should still compare more readings for your doctor to have a better understanding of the control you have. They may also ask how you feel you will benefit from the pump, be prepared and stand your ground being firm but polite.

Good Luck on your research to make your choice, there are a few different pumps out there and new ones being approved this year.
Questions to ask your self are: Do I want a pump with or without tubing?
What features am I looking for? What will I be able to afford?
Those are a few and as you look through the info you will have more before making a choice.

Good Luck and keep us posted.
God Bless, Kat