I have been on the Dex since Dec. In the beginning I could almost always count on the sensor lasting 14 days. It seemed after that I had a couple boxes of duds. One sensor never worked, and one died after 3 days. I have to say they replaced them without hesitation though. I just got back from China and was very pleased that I got 14 days out of that one, and loved having the Dex on during the travel. Nothing like checking my bs while on top of the wall! My warranty is up the end of this month on my Animas 1200. It sounds from those of you here that the 2020 is the way to go? What improvements were made over the old model?

Bernard, I am anxiously awaiting my letter from Dex, but I have not recieved mine yet. Do you have any idea when the Dex/Animas marriage will be official?

I heard the Dex/Aminas combo unit is due in the Fall of 2009. I’m hoping that it doesn’t intriduce an extra device - like the ping. I’d ideally like the pump to just work as the dex receiver. Either way, I’m using the 2020 now and will upgrade as soon as the new device is available.

My insurance now covers my Dex! I’ve been wearing it with my 2020 for a month, so far,so good. My warrenty on 2020 is up in April , I don’t know what I’m going do, I want to wait a few months so I can get the dex/animas device. But I don’t want to be out of warrenty, I like knowing that if I have problems I can have a replacement in 24hrs.

Kathy L