Dex com

I wear a Animas 2020 pump,I am happy to say I have had nothing but great customer service from them, my questions have always been handled in a prompt and professional manner.
That is why I was taken aback when I called Dex Con for information ,and the man I spoke with was less than helpful. I am having 2nd thoughts about their CGMS, if I use the seven and need advice will they be helpful and considerate? I don’t want to be left hanging. Does anyone have experance with Dex Con’s customer support?
Kathy L

My experience with Dexcom customer support has been that they are courteous, helpful, prompt and professional. But I’m a customer and you are not. You may not have been talking to a sales rep but a tech geek instead and (speaking as a part-time tech geek) they can be pretty testy.

If you WERE talking to a sales rep, shame on Dexcom, they’ll need to retrain this guy or replace him.

I’d recommend calling again and asking for the sales department. :slight_smile:


Dexcom and their reps have been good to me, so I would give it a go.

I can’t get the sensors for my first gen and really want the MMM one to go with my pump.

Dexcom support has been great to me too. Maybe you just got someone on a bad day.