Dex discounts for cash?

Hi All, still working on that dex for kennedy, we are cash pay, and I see that they did have a rebate for 200$ off on their website, but the special was OVER as of april 1, bummer. I wonder if they will be running the special again?

Aso they told me 279$ a month for four sensors, as long as we sign up for at least six months worth of sensors...

I'm not sure if kennedy will wear full time, but will really come in handy to set basals...

she is almost 12...

Oh, she is a thin kid... not sure if abdomen will be painful for her or not... I notice you guys are experimenting with other sites? Any success?

She's on omnipod too...

I prefer using my upper/inner thighs and upper/outer/back of arm best, and get the best readings in those sites too. Don't know if they'll have a discount again, but I asked about ordering it in March (with the discount) for April insurance coverage when my year is up, and they said no :(

Caleb uses mostly arms for dex bc he uses torso for Pods. He also uses legs. We’re running out of options with baseball season though because we have a “sliding” and “pitching” interference for the sliding leg and pitching arm!

good to dear Lorraine! Kennedy has so little abdominal fat that I'm just wondering if it will hurt... upper arm might be a go ,if the sensor is at the top of the upper arm the most fatty part! Our endo is sending in an order for Kennedy today. She was 50 at 0200 and 47 this morning at 6 am... I'm wheeling and dealing with them cash to get our best price...

Is the itchy factor the same with dex?

Caleb used to only do his buttocks with Dex at first. He started his arm after I heard a lot that accuracy was better on the arm and after seeing a little bit on YouTube do the insertion and say “it didn’t hurt” in his cute little voice. I did one on myself in the belly and it hurt! But I was ver apprehensive and did it slowly. Many users say do it quick. I’ve been speedy with Caleb since and it seems to help.

Caleb really one had the itch factor with dex and worse. I have a post about that adventure. Would you like the link?

If I’ve attached the link right, the bit I was referring to is the fourth or fifth one down. Superhero.…0l7.2016.3183.0.3464.


lol I saw "yup" in my email as the response and couldn't remember what I asked. I got a chuckle when I realized. :)

Here it is:

Yes, if you push the plunger slowly to insert, that's when it hurts. Fast and sure is the way to go. Try not to hesitate. I admire you moms so much because I think it would be so much harder to do this to a little one than to myself. :)