Dex on arm, re sleeping

Many on TuD indicate they wear the dex sensor on the back/side of the arm. My basic question is "how does it feel to sleep on it?" I sleep on my sides and it seems to me all the you tubes I have seen on arm insertion place it just where I would put a lot of pressure on it when sleeping.
So, how inconvenient is it on the arm regarding sleeping? Any ticks/tips?

I am currently using the abdomen but that is where most of my pump sites are. I can't use my thighs for any insertion because they come off, regardless of type of tape.

Thanks for any advice.

I sleep on my side as well. Doesn't seem to be a problem with the transmitter on bottom(ish) of upper arm. I sleep with the dex under my pillow.

I found that the belly sites were always tender, but not so with my arms (just on the outside of my bicep, sometimes below the line of a t-shirt sleeve, but mostly I try to place it just up under the t-shirt line but don't always get it right, so it sticks out sometimes... oh well). No sensitivity issues at all there. I sleep right on top of it all the time -- doesn't bother my sleep a bit. No loss in connectivity with it to the receiver, either. Works for me, and no pain at all.


Thanks for the info on your experiences. Now, all I have to do is be agile enough to get the thing on the arm with one hand!

I thought it would be harder than it is, actually. There's a vid on here at TuD somewhere showing how to do it, but here's my process:

1. Get it ready like any other time you do this
2. Clean off your arm (either one)
3. Lay it down, pressing the adhesive good -- it will stick to your arm like some sort of sci-fi contraption now (!!)
4. Do the injection QUICKLY
5. Then using your thumb & forefinger, go under the big injection delivery device and pinch the levers and then lift up with your hand

It should pop right off -- works every time for me!

6. Put on the transmitter and bend the lever up and listen for the TWO clicks
7. Quickly -- but gently -- twist off the lever

And you're done. Easy peasy.

Good luck. Report back how it goes for you.


Will do, when it happens. I am on about day 8 or 9 with the current one in abdomen. Thanks for the clear instructions. I did see one youtube on the procedure but not sure it was on Tu. The removal seems the hardest as I have a hard time getting the thing to come off when I have two hands to do it!

I also started on my belly and I did not like it I tried it on the side of my arm and love it, accuracy also does not seem to be any different. The only drawback for me was one time I walked thru a narrow doorway and tore it off. So there is an awareness I use by having it on the arm. I also just lay on it and I cant feel it there. You just have to try it

I almost always use the back of my arm for Dex (like it so much better than belly) and tend to sleep on my side. I place the Dex on the back of my arm, not really the side (like this: ). I have zero problem sleeping with it there. The Dex on my left arm ALWAYS lasts longer than on my right but I think that's because it's easier for me to place it on the left. I carry a purse on my right arm that is often the equivalent weight of a small child and I guess the Dex gets bumped more.

I have a water bed so that is not an issuse for me but I think it might if I didn't have a water bed. With that said it doesn't bother me at all to sleep with it.