Dex pain compared to OmniPod?

My Dexcom just came in the mail. I haven’t started using it yet, but I have to admit that it looks so scary to me. So I’m wondering… compared to the OmniPod, how is the insertion pain? I’ve got anxiety about using this thing. I’m sure once I get the first scary one out of the way, I’ll be fine… I just need to hear it from people who use it now. :slight_smile:

It is exactly like you say. Scary at first. It does sting a little more than the pod but it really isn’t that bad after the first time you place it. :o) I had my first one placed by the trainer so it was easier… Maybe you could have someone do it for you. They are a little complicated if you don’t know them. Good luck with it. I was selfpay so I stopped using the Dex.

With the Pod sometimes I feel a pinch,most other times I never feel it. Its so fast anyway by time you feel the pinch its gone. Now pulling it off a hairy spot really hurts, LOL

I’ve never felt the insertion or it’s so slight that I don’t remember. The actual insert-er is scarier looking than the actual insertion!

Caleb uses both. He says it depends. I think they both hurt sometimes and sometimes not much. I’ve done both - I thought Dex was more painful, but I inserted it slowly. I suggest going fast! good luck!

Thanks guys for the quick replies. I should have clarified… I do have the OmniPod already, so that is why I used it as a point of comparison. I’m going to see my Endo on Monday and we’re going to give it a whirl together. Eeek! I’m really nervous!

I second the fact that it’s better to insert the Dex FAST. Whenever I can I get a friend or a family member to actually do the insertion (it only takes about 5 seconds to explain it and they don’t have the hesitation about sticking a needle into me that I can’t seem to get past). When I do it myself I try to sort of just hit the end to knock it into place rather than pushing down on the plunger 'cause I can’t seem to do that quickly (silly mental blocks!). When it’s fast it really doesn’t hurt at all, if you take your time with it you’ll definitely feel it though.

I think the Dex hurts even less than the Omni. I know it looks scary but once you do it for the first time you’ll relax. Dexcom should setup training for you though.

I used the Dexcom for a week as a study. My doctor inserted it for me and it didn’t hurt at all even though it was QUITE SCAREY LOOKING!!! I almost declined when I saw it but I held my breath and closed my eyes and really didn’t feel much. It was quite easy and when they removed it, I didn’t feel it either so don’t worry about it. :0)

I’ve tried the Dexcom twice and had the CDE do the insertion (why do you think I got an Omnipod). It was somewhat uncomfortable the first time (before I started on the pod), not as bad the 2nd since I’ve gotten used to the insertions but it’s not as fast of an insertion as the pod and I think you do feel it a bit more but it’s not bad. My biggest obstacle would be actually doing the insertion myself. Try not to sweat it, it probably won’t be as bad as you may be imagining it to be. I was pleasantly surprised the 2nd time although I’d say it’s not quite as comfortable as the pod insertion. I’d have to 2nd the comment about doing a fast insertion. My CDE admitted she’s not the fastest at this. I could see how doing it faster would make it better. Good luck.

I don’t have the Dexcom now but I may need it in the near future due to not feeling my lows until I get between
40-50. I used to feel them at 70 and I don’t want to bottom out especially when I’m driving which happened once to me. I was stupid though, didn’t have my juice with me but I was able to stop at a police station and they helped me right away. I may not be so lucky next time but I do keep ALL my supplies with me at all times now. The lows come on me so fast sometimes that I need to take action right away. Anyway, good luck with it.

I actually started on the Omnipod yesterday and was suprised at how easy the insertion was, I didn’t feel a thing. Had a serious low blood sugar problem last night though and wife insited I remove the pod until I get the Dexcom. Was just waiting on the shipment of the Dexcom supplies, got it today and will have to go for training. I really hate the look of the insertion device for the Dexcom… really don’t want to have to do it myself. Hopefully it’s not as bad as it looks, will see:)

Mark, dont worry. The dexcom insertion is next to painless. I feel even less with that than I do the pod. I think once you try it you will see it is no big deal and you will love it!

I wore the Dexcom for a week for testing purposes. It looked prettty scarey but it really didn’t hurt. I would love to have one but I don’t know if my insurance will cover it. I’m now paying 1/2 for the pods and just can’t afford another $1,000. or so for that, probably more.


I’ve worn the Dexcom two times for a total of about 2 weeks. The CDE did the insertion and I, personally, found it more uncomfortable than the Pod insertion BUT I think it has to do with the angle of insertion and how quick you are. My CDE admitted she’s not the fastest at insertion and she inserted it at a shallower angle the second time (I’m pretty lean) and it wasn’t as noticeable as the first time. All I can say is the insertion device didn’t look as scary the second time after being on the pod for about a month so I think you should probably adapt pretty quickly.

I love the Dexcom. I know it looks scary but I feel it less than I do the Omnipod insertion. I think once you try it you will find its no big deal and you will LOVE it.

I used the Dexcom for the first time today and have to say the insertion was virtually painless:) Was surprised at how easy it was, just looks like it’s going to hurt.

Glad it worked well for you Mark!