Dex question

Is the only monitor that works with the Dexcom Seven still the One Touch Ultra, or do any of the newer ones work? My ultra’s numbers are fading, so I need to get a new one. Any advice appreciated.

No, only the original One Touch Ultra works. Sorry. =( They have a new upgrade coming out towards the end of the summer the “Open Choice” which will allow any meter to work with it.

Actually the dex com upgrade that come out i think in January allows you to use any meter and just manually put in the blood glucose. I know someone else replied telling you nothing else works but I have had a Dex Com since March and mine works with any meter.

Figures, I got mine in Dec.! Is there something you can get to upgrade the old ones?

There probably is. You should call Dex Com and find out. They seem to be very nice so I would defiantely call them and see what you can do. You may beable to download the upgrade or they may just replace your old Dex Com receiver.