Dexcom 6 with Iphone as receiver

I am curious if the Dexcom 6 drains a phone battery quickly? I am trying to troubleshoot an Iphone battery issue.

If I understand you correctly, you are asking if the Dexcom 6 application for the iPhone drains the phone battery quickly? I believe the answer is no.

This article suggests numerous ways to drain your iPhone battery.

I’m running the Dexcom app on an iPhone (12, about two yrs and).

My battery easily lasts all day and then some. Even with lots of use.

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All Bluetooth devices draw more battery power than other apps. Remember your phone is constantly scanning your dexcom and then downloading the number every 5 min.

I don’t notice a battery difference w my iPhone, but then every I phone I’ve ever had has had the dexcom ap on it.

I have no battery issues running Dexcom on my iPhone. I would suggest that you have other issues with your phone not related to the Dexcom app.

I replaced the battery and it didn’t seem to help.

Look at “battery” under settings on your phone. For me,Dexcom has taken up 2% of the battery that has been used so far today:

This may help you to identify why your battery is losing charge do quickly.

I agree with MBW. A good diagnostic may help you discover what has an appetite for your battery. Sometimes we just end up with one of those pieces of technology that have weird quirks. I once owned a Chevy that ate through a new battery every two years. The mechanics never could figure out what in that car’s configuration caused it to do so, but my records certainly showed that it loved to eat batteries!

Good luck with your iPhone.

P.S. I check my Dexcom reading quite often, and my records show that Dexcom uses about 10% of my total battery charge.

Ok here’s 0ne for all battery concerns . I’m on a iPhone 7+ at the latest ISO. NOW THIS PUPPY IS 12+ yrs old. Setting / battery has showed my battery life at 80% for a couple of years. Dexcom usage has only been 2% per day. Because of my Sugar Pixel display. I had to in stall Dexcom Share on my phone. Its usage is 5% per day. Well any way last week I went back to check the Battery status instead a percentage it said Service. Apple was able to install a new battery for $60. Vice buying a new phone.