Dexcom 7 plus trial

Has anyone here done this, and how did you go about it? I’m having mixed feelings about my MM CGMS, and would like to check out the competition. I’ve heard rumors that they will soon link it to other systems like the Anima insulin pumps, but after watching a review of the Animas pump on YouTube, I’m not so sure they appeal go me. They simply require too many button presses to do simple things (ie: bolus wizard versus ezbg). Any thought or impressions? Is it easy to get a trial from Dexcom? Thanks!

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I just got of the phone with them. they said they only do trials for certain situations because they do not have enough reps, but have no problem letting you try it. I just got all the paper work and am going to fax it in and go from their they are really great with their costumer service so far and have been very fast. if you would like my contact person number i can give it to u.

I’m going through pretty much the same thought process about my MM CGMS and I am seriously considering the Dexcom. (Only difference is that I really like the Animas :slight_smile: hope to switch to that someday). I emailed Dexcom customer service with some questions that I had and in about 45 minutes I got a call back from them. I was very impressed by that. And I talked to a woman who was diabetic, was using MM CGMS and wasn’t happy with it and she switched to a Dex. These were my questions and her answers:

Dexcom trail? -The reps don’t have enough to give to people for a trial so they don’t typically do trials. (which I took as, find a loophole or a connection with someone to get a trial)

I am also wondering if my experience is something that you hear a lot? Do you get many Medtronic customers unhappy with their sensor? - They hear this all the time. (she even is a MM to Dex switcher herself, and she knew what all of my concerns were, it was reassuring)

And lastly, when will the Dexcom be integrated with Animas? -Still waiting for FDA approval so they can’t really say. (But i’ve heard within a year)

I also had some insurance questions, but those basically just pertain to my situation. But they are very understanding and helpful and willing to do all they can to help get you approved.

I really hope that I can get a Dex. MM is alright and it has greatly improved my A1c, but I am generally pretty unhappy with it. The inaccuracy, sensor needle size, design, etc…same things basically that you hear a lot of complaints about.

Well, hope that helps. Definitely give Dexcom a call. It really helped me.


I was able to get a trial, but it sounds like a big part of the reason is that I live in San Diego, where Dexcom is based. They have a rep that regularly visits my endo’s office and he set me up. I like the Dexcom a lot better now that they have the Seven Plus. It’s been more reliable and accurate than the earlier version. I haven’t tried others to compare though.

After talking with my local rep for a while, I decided to just order it. I’ve only had my MM Sensor for a couple of months, but I’ve quickly learned to hate it. It hurts like hell sometimes at insertion, I’ve wasted sensors because I hit a vein, I’ve used IV3000 and the likes, only to have the damn thing fall off of me! The rep offered to set me up on a trial, and was really interested in having me use it along side my MM Sensor. She was going on vacation though, and I simply couldn’t wait. I called Aetna, and I apparently do not have an annual limit to “durable medical equipment”, so I went ahead and placed an order! They offer a 30 money back return policy as well. If MM had such a policy, this thing would not be attached to me now. I should get it by Wednesday… I can’t wait!

I just talked to them about this the other day, since I found my new health insurance plan will pay 100% and not leave me paying $3000 deductible, apparently including a CGM system. Anyway I was told that the combined Animas Ping/Dex7 system is expected to be out in the first quarter of next year (2010) if nothing goes wrong before then. They won’t know exactly until the day before, in the way of such things.
In the meantime if you buy an Animas pump NOW they can upgrade you to the new combined system whenthey come out, but will need to pay $299 that WON’T be covered by insurance, though of course you insurance company might do so anyway (if you believe in the tooth fairy, I guess ).