Dexcom 7+ Transmitter

Last week I pulled off an old sensor and decided to wait to put a new one on in the morning (so I wouldn't have to calibrate in the middle of the night). Put everything (new sensor, transmitter attached to old sensor and receiver) on the dining table. When I went back to reattach, the transmitter was gone! Either the cat stole it or the boyfriend accidentally threw it away. I've torn up the whole apartment looking for it to no avail.

Luckily, I'm waiting for my G4 platinum upgrade, but I still have several of the old 7+ sensors that I would like to use up (they're so expensive!). Anyone have a spare or old transmitter I could borrow/swap/whatever?

Never letting that thing out of my sight again!

Thanks :)

I am not sure another transmitter will work unless it is replaced by dexcom. I would call dexcom and ask if your receiver can be programmed to communicate with a donated transmitter.

I'm pretty sure you can just put the S/N in the receiver and it'll work as long as it's a Seven+ transmitter.

If you still have any of the 7+ sensors that you weren't able to use - I would love to have them.

I have a whole kit that I would be willing to send you! Transmitter, charging cables, receiver. PM me if you still need it!

Hello. You still have this 7+ kit?