Dexcom 90 Day Data

Hey All:

I finally hit my 90 day mark for my A1C using Dexcom and here are my results besides the A1C, just wanting to know if the rest of the #'s are where I should expect them etc.

Avg Glucose: 108 - Verified with Bayer A1C I got a 5.3

% in Range (Range 70-135) 78…Range of (80-120) 56 :frowning:
% HyperG (240+) 0
% HypoG (< 55 ) 3
% Low (55-70) 7
% High (135-240) 13

Even though my A1C is good, should I bet shooting for a better % in range number for the ranges I listed above? Any advice would be useful.

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I wish my numbers looked like that ! I’m only about 7 weeks into using the Dex but my A1C did drop 0.4% in the last 5 months. I would be so happy to see 0% HyperG incidents.
There is always room for improvement but seriously, Congrats on these great numbers!

This isn’t going to be a useful comment, but 0 readings over 240 in 90 days? Wow. Well done.

those are great numbers, especially since a lot of people don’t think of 135-180 as high (especially post meal). Congrats and keep it up! Just watch those lows…you wouldn’t want to try for a lower A1C by having more, especially the <55.

I can’t see your trendline, but my advice would be to simply focus on flattening it out as much as possible. For me, I’ll do things like as soon as I wake up (normally +/-100) I’ll immediately bolus for expected breakfast even though I won’t likely eat for another 30 mins. For me, it will help me level out my oatmeal, etc before the normal morning workout instead of spiking to 180 or something. That’s just an example that works for me. By your numbers you are an expert already so probably nothing new. :slight_smile:

I should add my Standard Deviation was 33…not sure if thats good or bad

Thanks for the kind words, hang in there and you can do the same!

With that a1c and range numbers, you should probably write a book about diabetes management.

I am using the Dexcom 7+ for almost 2 years. These are my last 3 months stats:

Avg Glucose: 99 - A1C in November: 5.0

% in Range (Range 70-135) 78…Range of (80-120) 58
% HyperG (240+) 0
% HypoG (< 55 ) 4
% Low (55-70) 11
% High (135-240) 9


I wonder whether we are siblings.

My numbers were better at some point in time. The novelty has worn off and I am struggling to hold on to what I have. My main problem is that I think my numbers are good enough. I eat bread at the Italian restaurant - I never used to do that before dex and pump. I not only eat pizza, I order garlic knots too - I never used to do that before dex and pump. I don’t like being low anymore - my hypo awareness has increased to the point that I am uncomfortable below 80.

This sounds like a lot of complaining - quite the opposite: I feel that my quality of life and life expectancy are no longer negatively impacted by my diabetes. I actually might have a leg up since my overall lifestyle is still heavily influenced by my early diabetes days. I am normal- weight, I exercise and I pig out in a controlled manner.

I have been on the Dex since June of this year and on the OmniPod since August. These are my last 3 months stats:

Avg Glucose: 118 - A1C in January: 5.4

% in Range (Range 70-145) 68 (Range 80-120) 44
% HyperG (240+) 1
% HypoG (< 55 ) 3
% Low (55-70) 6
% High (145-240) 23


I have been having some issues with highs but overall I am very happy with my results. I know I can get the highs down and work on the Standard Deviation. I think a good A1C with a low SD is key. This is also the best control I have had in my life! It is great to see other people with great control and lets me know it is a possibility and gives me something to shoot for.

Ross, it appears to me that you are in the area of diminishing returns on any extra effort you could put into your management. It would be like someone trying to improve a 1560 SAT or 770 GMAT score. I’m not an M.D., for sure, but my guess is that you are as well-controlled as one could hope for, without having the control totally consume them (for little incremental benefit). I’ve had A1c’s below 5.0 (4.7 was my lowest) several years ago and my doctor convinced me that those levels were TOO low and not helping me in any way. I’ve been Type 1 for 30 years now with no complications, and in the last several years I have been settled in the mid-5’s in A1c. Good luck and enjoy the Dex.

Yes, my biggest problem is with < 55 numbers, I am trying to correct those down to at least 1% or lower if possible. My biggest tips are

  1. don’t eat after 7pm if you can help it, I usually go to bed at 90 and flatline all night 80-90’s until I wake up.
  2. I usually dual wave bolus 5 minutes pre-meal, and I usually can eat whatever I want, example yesterday I had a footlong sub form subway with chips on the sub (it’s really good try it :slight_smile: ). About 130 carbs…I did 90/10 dual wave 5 minutes before the meal and I had a nice 1 hr trend line up to 120 then back down to 80

I echo everything you just said Helmut

I do eat whatever I want in moderation, pig out in a controlled manner but still watch my overall health. Usually refusing 80% of sugary foods, working out a few times a week. Since I have been type 1 for 4 years, I’ve always been somewhat depressed about life expectancy are complications, but I’m starting to realize if I can keep good control I should be able to hit normal life expecting if not longer, especially from all the kind comments on this thread :-).

That is great to hear that mid 5 A1C’s and no complications. I think you are right about not trying to lower my A1C while having the control consume me. I’ll focus on what I am doing now and just try to avoid HypoG’s or HyperG’s.

Appreciate the feedback

I’m surprised that works for you. I find that I need to bolus about 45 minutes in advance to reduce the meal peaks, which is often hard to plan for. I’ve never gone low while eating from insulin working too fast.

Great thread. I averaged 91 over the last 90 days (Dex) with a SD of 23 and have the below numbers. My last A1c was 5.2

% in Hypoglycemia (39-55 mg/dL) 4%

% in Low (55-71 mg/dL) 14%

% in Target (71-120 mg/dL) 71%

% in High (120-240 mg/dL) 11%

% in Hyperglycemia (240-401 mg/dL) 0%

The only thing I have to add to the discussion is to emphasize how important I’ve found it to pre-bolus. When I get up in the morning I’m generally around 90 and if I don’t pre-bolus (approx 45 mins) for breakfast then I’ll surge into the 150-175 territory. With the pre-bolus I’ll peak around 120 and be back to normal within 2 hr post prandial. For whatever reason I don’t need to pre-bolus as far ahead for lunch or dinner (approx 30 mins each). Seems like there’s some sort of morning insulin resistance - and I’ve toyed with increasing my basal rate before I wake up, but I don’t have a very regimented waking time which has made this strategy challenging. Sounds like your are doing a great job. I highly value the dex and omnipod which together allow me to eat fairly normally albeit with the need for vigilance and forethought. Keep up the great work!

P.S. Not eating after 7pm is also very critical imho for maintaining good overnight control.

Variation of Interstitial Glucose in healthy individuals.

“Sensor glucose concentrations were 71–120 mg/dl for 91% of the day. Sensor values were ≤60 or >140 mg/dl for only 0.2% and 0.4% of the day, respectively.”

Do you have a theory of why your BG average and A1C seem to be out of sync?

“The equivalent of 5.2 % A1C is 103 mg/dl eAG.”
“The equivalent of 91 mg/dl eAG is 4.8 % A1C.”

He didn’t say that the A1c and BG averages were over the same time period. He referred only to his last A1c which could have been 3-6 months ago.

The reason my average BG is out of sync with my A1c is that at night time my dex always reads 10-15 lower than the actual i.e. the averages are skewed by this period. I’ve researched it and apparently for some people the interstitial fluid pools around the sensor site at night (lack of motion?) and this fluid gets more depleted of BG than blood as a whole resulting in the artificially low number. Hope this helps. By the way, great job on your 5.0% - impressive! Mike
P.S. Kevin - you are correct about the time period - last A1c was Dec 28th - but it turns out my avg BG was the same during that preceding 3 months as it was for the last month, from which the numbers were presented.

Very interesting. I knew that you don’t leave anything to chance.