Dexcom alert repeat

Does anyone find that the repeat on dexcom doesn’t work? At bedtime when I am above target I will correct but don’t want to be bugged for an hour. I find it goes off sooner. Help.

If say I set my high limit at 180 and the repeat at 2 hours, I find that it works as intended when I soar right through 180.

But when I’m wiggling up and down 181/178/182/179/183, it seems that it re-alerts every time I go from below 180 to above 180. (Which could be every 10 minutes).

Does this match your complaint?

In my head there isn’t much difference between 178 and 182. But to the computer, if the threshold is 180, going above then below then above again (even by just a point or two) seems to be a fresh brand new alert.

Yeah, that’s probably what is happening. Right now I am having a little insomnia so at bedtime when I correct it usually goes down within a half an hour. I don’t want it reminding til the next high.

I constantley adjust the alert values/times for this type of thing. It’s a little annoying and I have to remember to set things back once that event is over.

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Right. I have done this before but I don’t like to do that but I think I will try it while I am having a little trouble sleeping.

I reset my high alert from 180 to 170 for exactly this reason. My body likes to hang out at 180, for some reason. Until the correction kicks in, this happened to me often.

I have a question. If I set my alert a little higher at bedtime until the high is brought down how will I be able to readjust it so my threshold is lower if I am sleeping?

If you are using an iphone the program on it has a daytime alert setting and a nighttime one. Plus you can change how often it alerts you. Like @Tim12 I have my night time set at 180 because I like my sleep, but if something goes wildly wrong I will be alerted.

But yea, it’s an aggravation sometimes because if you go to 182 drop to 178 then go back to 182, it alerts you every friggin time lol…

@Michelle43 that’s a good idea, adjusting it down. I’m thinking this could be used once I’ve made a correction, I didn’t think of that!!! Of course that counts on me being awake enough to want to lol…and luckily right now I don’t seem to go that high anymore.

Marie, so do you set your high alert at bedtime 180 (10.0mmol)? I have mine set at 9.6. I am afraid of too much glucose exposure. I guess it’s not that much different.I might even go a bit higher so I can get a full night sleep.

I like my sleep, and too many things can interrupt it? So I like my sleep and will take a higher number if it means I get uninterrupted sleep.

I quickly decided that when my DP was shooting up and you can only dose for the more common number it goes to?

So my high alert at night is set for at 180 (10mmol). I tried lower and got woken up to much during my major DP time. I probably could now set it lower as my Bg’s usually don’t shoot up much nowadays but I still do every once in a while and prefer sleep! At one point I even had my night alert even higher. That might not be as good for you but lack of sleep isn’t good for you either.

That’s a good point. I have good control but the night time almost always wakes me up. I might try 10.2 and see how it goes. These temporary high bloodsugars aren’t a problem. It’s the prolonged highs that causes complications.

After setting my dexcom alert to 10.1mmol lastnight I somehow managed a full night’s sleep. I stayed flat!!!:+1::smile::blush::wink:. Unbelievable. Too bad every night can’t be this way. I am hoping when I get the Tandem pump next year that control iq will do the same for me!


I have had Control IQ for 2 weeks - I have never gone so long without an alarm overnight! It’s fabulous!! That being said, I still wake up (unintentionally) and check because my subconscious must not trust it :laughing:


This would be my first Tandem pump. The only issue I am worried about is how long it might take to get regulated. How long did it take you? Which pump did you have before?

No time at all. I have had Tandem for over a year and had Minimed before that. It really was easy!

I have read about people on this site that the tandem pump delivers the insulin differently and that their requirements went way up and that they had to change all of their pump settings. I also heard that they had to keep the pump at a certain level as apposed to their infusionset. I am really excited for the tandem pump. I have the 630g but I am using the dexcom g6. I started on dexcom when the g4 was out. I used it with my Vibe pump. The technology really hasn’t changed for me except for the g6. I am no further ahead from when I had my 2020 I insulin pump. So very excited!!!

You’ll figure it out quickly with the Dexcom in tow! I’d recommend a bit of fasting here and there to check your basals, but not extensively if you’re not normally doing something like that. Good luck!

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Recently I haven’t been doing many basal tests. I think I have done 2 since September 2019. I am waiting for the temperature change to do more. My educator said that you don’t need to do them as often as was suggested. My doctor wanted me to do 4 a month! Breakfast, lunch, supper, and bedtime. I have no problem doing a basal test, especially with dexcom. Dexcom integration is the main reason for me wanting the tandem and I will never have to wait another 5 years for the latest and greatest software.

I still have a little bit of time to wait. February next year and I can get the Tandem. With spring and summer coming up I am sure time will fly. By next Winter I am going to be really antsy!!-

From what I remember, I was never really taught to do them (when I started pumping 23 years ago)… but a lot changed since I was 10 so I have tweaked them countless times still then. I think the blessing of a CGM is we DON’T need to do rigorous basal testing.