Dexcom and Apple Watch native connectivity not ready

I downloaded the new watch OS for my Apple Watch because I was excited my dexcom would finally be untethered from the phone and able to communicate directly. Except… not so fast. After calls with dexcom customer service, they said their tech is not yet capable of doing that and to “watch the web site” for updates. They said Apple often releases updates too quickly for them to keep up with the changes.

Just frustrating that dexcom and Apple both hyped their partnership and the new capabilities of the Watch when it’s not ready.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Dexcom is a tiny company when compared to Apple. Resources at Dexcom are much more constrained than at Apple.

I agree that they could have been clearer in their communication. I’m sure this improvement will happen. We need to patiently bide our time.

This may be a long wait from Dexcom for this one.

I didn’t know they were doing that? They told me you have to have the app on your phone or iPad for them to connect.

Thanks, Terry.

Tim, why do you say this will be a long wait? Do you have some inside info?

@meee - Your information is correct. The other discussion requires additional software not yet released by Dexcom.

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@cauthren - This is not simply an OS port of an existing App. For OS updates of existing apps such as the iOS 11 release, this is quick and (relatively) easy for Dexcom to provide an update to the Dexcom G5 Mobile app so as to provide support for this.

However the G5 direct to the Apple Watch OS4 is not simply an update to an existing Dexcom App. This is an entirely new app. Completely different story. FDA approval is not required for Dexcom to support simple OS updates with no Dexcom App functionality change. But for the direct to Watch app? Will this require FDA approval?

In any event - don’t hold your breath on this one. Sure - I have no doubt it will arrive. Dexcom produces great products and they keep coming out with more. But this is a new product so it will take time. If FDA approval is required - that will only add more time before any release.

I could always be wrong.

Only time will tell.