Dexcom and Windows Seven

Has anybody successfully run the Dexcom most recent PC software (Dexcom under Windows Seven? I called Tech Support and was told "that should not be any problem" which is not the kind of answer one is apt to rely on. I would like to know for sure before I upgrade from XP.

I run the current version of Dexcom's DM3 ( using Windows 7 without any problems at all.

Fantastic! Thanks very very much, Phil. I shall remain indebted to you.

Works great in 32 bit and starter… I haven’t used anything else with it.

Works fine with Windows 7 professional 64-bit. After all it's a .net application which isolates it a bit from the core OS.

I am running under Vista Home Edition (yuck). For one of DM3 or CoPilot (for my OmniPod), I had to disable account control to keep from going crazy. I would get warning messages EVERY TIME I ran the software. Sorry to shout, but it drove me crazy!