Dexcom/Animas Combo announced in Europe

Kerri at had a post about this today. I’m surprised that no one at Tu has added a post on it yet. But here’s the link that was provided:

This seems to join the Medtronic Enlite sensor as another American company releasing medical devices first in Europe. Boo to the FDA who makes it so hard for these things to be approved here.

I see that Manny actually posted this on the Insulin Pump board, so my bad.

When I participate in other forums, usually stuff like this is on the Type 1 board and the other boards like Pumps or CGMS really have little activity. At Tu Diabetes, do most of you read all of the boards so that it was not appropriate to put this on the Type 1 board?

I’ve been posting here for a while, but I am still finding my way and discovering new things all of the time at TuDiabetes.

Not bad to post like you did. I wouldn’t have seen Manny’s since I don’t go everywhere. Nice machine. Nice CGM. Reason tol go to Europe this summer!

No remote - Ill keep my ping and dex as seperate units. When I drive I like to keep my dexcom out so I can monitor my BG or even at desk I keep it out to frequently review. If I have to dig out my pump and tubing every time I want to see my CGM - what advantage is it? I think that I will stay w the ping and get the new dex 4 This is a big disappointment. I dont use the ping remote now but if it was a pump remote, a meter and a dexcom display, I would use it (if it had a color screen - the black and white remote has the worst screen!)

Couldn’t be cooler. Still using an Animas IR1250, combined with the Dexcom 7+… imagine being able to sleep at night with just ONE device clipped to you :slight_smile: Quite an upgrade!

I never did see the appeal of the remote bolus thing, personally, so slightly glad to see that go. I wonder if the new Dex performs better - new sensors too, or just new transmitter?

New Dexcom sensor, called G4.

Discussed here: