Dexcom announces support being outsourced to the Philippines


Dexcom has become like Hewlett Packard et al, in that they want to maximize profits by using a remote workforce that speaks “reasonable understandable” English. However, anyone that is uncomfortable with customer service reps that speak English as a second language can ask to speak with personnel that speak English as a primary language. Many people do that and it is certainly accepted by international call centers. When they get that type of request, they will transfer the call stateside for handling.



Oh joy…DexCom as a company already stinks. Their communication and follow through is some of the worse I’ve ever seen. Now they are going to send it to the Philippines…Fun! Fun!. I was just talking to a gentleman the other day and he was telling me about how “excitable” airport security was when he went to Philippines wearing his insulin pump and sensor. They didn’t know what to make of it and weren’t entire sure that it wasn’t something dangerous. (Everyone had to come over and check it out and give their opinion).


That happens here


Don’t understand the point of posting a link to the ZDNet blog talking about how Filipinos rate their own proficiency in speaking English.


Thank you for sharing all this information. Type 1 for over 50 years, using a pump, no complications, thinking about a CGM.
After learning all of this, I will not be using the Dexcom CGM.


Wow. I wish I had started using dexcom years ago, and paid a copay, like I did for those awful enlites. the G5 has helped me reduce my A1c from 6.1 to 5.4 and time in range is better.


I play chess on which has over 20 million members - tens of thousands of games going on at once

Every country on the planet has members

there is a chat box during a game if you choose to use it

it is astounding how many speak English


I wish I knew how many people are signed up to play Word Chums. I have been conversing recently with a person from England while playing Word Chums. It’s fun for me because I lived there for 3 years and they have been to California so we have things in common. (no, no, folks–this is just friendly chat–I’m happily married. nothing untoward going on).


I sometimes have trouble with accents. Really depends on the individual. Not to pick on anybody in particular but some of those deep woods Maine accents are really tough !!!

I guess it depends on what people are used to hearing and how frequently you hear various accents.

From my point of view, I am usually not very much bothered by an accent. If I can not understand something, I just ask for it to be repeated.

My biggest concern is competence and getting done what I need to have done. That is what I am calling in for and what I want accomplished.




:canada: Just to point out to any Canadian readers passing through, this thread applies only to US technical support calls. Dexcom Canada will continue to handle customer service and sales calls at its Burnaby, BC., office. They say there are no current plans to change this. (Current may be interpreted however you like.)

Canadian tech support calls will continue to be routed to the Ohio third-party call centre. At this time, no Canadian calls to Dexcom will go to the Philippines.


Please let’s not.

The topic of what is actually going on at Dexcom and how this will impact real customers gives plenty of room for discussion.


ha ha ha - That’s amusing.

I would expect a requirement for Canadian Support would be all customer service bilingual French/English? Or is it only required that the call center itself is able to provide support staff with either French or English as the caller prefers?


How is off topic - read the thread title -

If anyone is a troll here it’s you


I think it’s only required that companies have a certain number of call-takers who are bilingual, not that every call-taker be bilingual. When you make a call to such a number in Canada, the message usually says (in French), “For service in French, press 1,” so those calls get routed to bilingual staff.


You’re right. Let’s stay on topic.


I do have issues when connected to a call center worker with an accent. It has nothing to do with the place of origin.

I have hearing issues, at times I have problems understanding even plain spoken American English, even a slight accent can cause me untold frustration.

I suppose I should have stayed out of the discussion since I do not use Dexcom but this trend of sending tech support over seas irks me.


Glad to hear that Dexcom 5 is working well for you. Reading all this dissing on Dexcom just as I am starting up with them was putting me off a tad. Mind you these forums should be taken with a grain of salt as it just provides a [redacted] bitchfest platform! My reason for getting the Dexcom is for Reactive Hypoglycaemia. My sugars go too low. No other device in Canada can be reliable and alert me to my glucose lows.


I am in Canada too. My daughter’s had the dexcom for 3+ years. We love it. No complaints here. It sounds a lot like it’s the u.s. branch that is unsatisfactory.