Dexcom cgm users

How far back does cgm data go back when uploaded? Can you only upload/send the last 2 weeks or so to computer?

The receiver stores up to 30 days of data. I’ve never come across an option to upload less than that. Whenever I plug in for an upload, it just sucks up whatever data is new since the last time I uploaded. However, on both the Clarity and Diasend sites, you can select what period of data to use for reports, so you could generate a report for just the last two weeks’ worth of readings even if you had just uploaded a month’s worth.

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I have an option to select whatever dates I want, but I’m G4. For instance, if I want to export 1 day of data:

Looks like I can go back 52 weeks (but, I don’t think I ever have)

lol - I forgot about the Studio application. I liked that. It was nice.

Been quite some time since we have been able to use it.

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Why can’t you use it? It went away in newer Dexcom models, or you are using a different sensor?

It is not the sensor that is the issue. It is the receiver.

AFAIK the receiver that came with the G4 system was the last receiver to be compatible with the Studio application.