Dexcom Clarity problem

I have the Dex Clarity app on my iPhone as well as the regular Dexcom app and the regular Tandem tslim app. I like Clarity for displaying my TIR in several intervals up to 90 days. But…

At the moment it reports “not enough data” for GMI for all intervals from 2 days to 90. When I review the overview report it says it only has 43 days of CGM data in the past 90 days!

That’s nuts! Even with the usual occasional sensor dropouts and regular sensor startup periods, which only amount to a few hours of no CGM data, I know for certain I’ve had the CGM on and working nearly 24/7.

Anyone know what is causing this glitch? I’ve just updated the app at the App Store; no help.

I don’t have an answer to your question but I suspect that the Dexcom IT department are making changes and they’re running into some difficulties. I remember that there was a banner at the top of the web page for more than a month announcing some IT work happening in September. I also think that some Dexcom G5 function was coming to an end recently.

My recommendation is to just sit tight and wait a few days and see if your problem goes away. Or you could call them to see what’s up.

Thx Terry. I went back to the Clarity daily report for the past 90 days and scrolled back thru every day. There really are many days’ 24 hour graphs with no data at all. I’m
absolutely certain I did have the CGM on every day, so for some reason the app just seems to be missing some data. I’m
not concerned, merely curious. Thx for the note about IT work.

Can you log into Clarity website (not the app) and see the older data?

Yes No in that order. On my desktop, I logged into Clarity and the 90-day overview is identical to what the iPhone app shows.

I’ll pursue this myself with Dex tech support, maybe, but not by phone and never on a Monday!

Thx again.

Might there be IT related issues with using the Tslim pump paired with my iPhone via Bluetooth and also trying to get cgm data to be accepted to dexcom when I’m NOT also using the Dexcom receiver?

Dexcom tech support chat just said “yes” to my q re IT pairing issues. They said I should just delete the Dex clarity app entirely and use the t:connect app, which does receive all my cgm data.

I got started with this thread simply because someone else on this board in another thread turned me on to GMI and I knew that is displayed on clarity. I’ll have to see if it also is on t:connect.

I consider this horse to be well and truly dead and I will stop beating it!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Tom_in_SC at issue is a number of connection points that you’re allowed. Your primary connection point is the transmitter to your pump and then you’re allowed a secondary connection point which would be the app of your choice such as the TConnect app or the Dexcom clarity app you would not be able to use both without doing some serious hacking

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I don’t think T:Connect app pairs with transmitter to get cgm data, but gets it from Tandem pump. So transmitter can pair to another device, in my case xDrip on Android phone (which doesn’t have Dexcom app or Clarity).

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That is correct. The Dexcom transmitter does not communicate with the t:connect app on his phone. It only communicates in this case with the G6 app on his phone and with his pump as the receiver device. The pump uses another Bluetooth channel to communicate with the phone and uploads all pump and CGM info from the pump.

I don’t think I know what iPhone model @Tom_in_SC is using and what his data settings are. If he is keeping the G6 app active all of the time, it should have all of his data. I see under my cellular settings that the G6 app is turned on and I don’t know whether turning it off would make a difference in data transfer?

El var, I think you’re right. The Dexcom chap sort of said it that way too. In any case, it was more of a curiosity to me than a problem. TIR is the right way to evaluate how’m I doin’ anyway.

Actually I do not think that @El_Ver is correct. The Dexcom transmitter does not communicate with the t:connect app. Only your Tandem pump does and the CGM info that shows on the t:connect app is coming from the pump. There is nothing about your situation that violates the two device rule. Your transmitter is communicating with the pump as your receiver device. It is communicating with the G6 app on your phone as your smart device.


It could be that @Laddie is correct. The TConnect app does have to be “paired” to a single pump via BT. The question is how the app gets the data. If it’s pushed via BT from the pump, it would not violate the 2 connection rule


I think pump gets data from transmitter and stores in pump (and displays graph using data). Then if pump paired to smartphone (via tslim X2… BT id), will send update to phone, into T:Connect app on phone.

If phone has cell/internet connection, phone will pass data onto Web T:Connect if account is set up on web.
Web reports can show more data than what is local on cell phone TConnect app. More report options online, summary and detail.

If access is given to endo, they see what is loaded to web.

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