Dexcom Crisis: My worst fear come true

I was in NYC for the Social media week hitting the health and wellness hub, which was fantastic! You can watch the speakers on podcast, by clicking on the link to the speaker and then click live webcast. Highly recommend Dr. Roizen's key note on Wednesday. Roizen is Cleveland Clinic chair and partner with Dr. OZ.

My husband and I travel to New York about once a month for business and we make it a mini get away. since Tuesday was Valentine's, we decided to make a reservation at Tipsy Parson's in West Village. Great recommendation!

In the last year, I have begun to rely on my dexcom, especially when I travel, so that I can avert highs and lows and enjoy the sights and sounds of NYC. I also have been experiencing great A1cs with much less trouble, just by keeping an on eye on my trends. So you can imagine my devastation, when I knocked my dexcom into the toilet. I cried in horror, like I was at a movie, and dove to catch it before it hit the water, but I was not fast enough. I was so devastated.

The receiver slowly died over the next few hours. I had tweeted it out and saw many replies to put it in rice, or find a CVS and buy damprid, but I didn't make it. One of my best friend died in my hands. :(

Within an hour, facebook friends offered spare receivers to cover me while I talked with dexcom. ::AWESOME:: The DOC is an amazing asset for d-peeps in need. I once needed a charger plug for dex and within 24 hours, I had one in my hands!

My friend who offered me a temp receiver couldn't remember why they didn't use it. I know why. When I went to start it up it squealed and died. The offer and effort meant so much! The good news is that dexcom was able to send me a new one and my insurance will cover it.

The question for dexcom is what can we do to prevent receiver swimming lessons? Why isn't it like a watch and somewhat waterproof? Anyone have the answer?

You are right, it should cost little to build it water-proof.
The Animas Vibe here in Europe has the receiver integrated and the whole pump is water proof. Even the sensor and transmitter (the new one, Dexcom G4) are water proof.
So they can do it, just do it ;-)

I bought a water proof I phone case with a landyard from amazon to keep it safe and dry my son is seven and always runs around so it seems to be working if you don’t mind wearing it around your neck . Good luck…

Sorry I don't have a good answer. There are a lost of things I feel are ignored in manufacturing many products, like why don't all glucometers have screens that light up in the dark?

I myself almost dropped my pump in the toilet today when it fell out of my pocket. Luckily, it missed but I sympathize with your situation. Glad it all worked out for you in the end!