Dexcom Customer Service Dumpster Fire: How are you managing it?


I’ll definitely check this Grifgrip company out. On the other hand, if I might be permitted to whine, with all the other costs of managing diabetes, it really irks me that this is just one more thing that Dexcom knows is an issue. Their financial projections for the full year 2018 was revenue of approximately $975 million, versus the prior forecast of $925 million and a gross profit margin of approximately 64%. Seriously. They can’t just include some overpatches and save us a few minutes of our time on hold? Do I really have to spend another ~ $1 per patch to avoid Dexcom hold music? Diabetes. The gift that keeps on taking :wink:.

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Aetna too.


When my G5 failed, I foolishly allowed the techs to talk me into the upgrade to G6. Even though the G6 system works with many smartphones, they insisted I had to purchase at least one receiver. Apparently, this is an FDA requirement. It’s always something.


You can just buy a roll of 4" x 10.9 yards of Opsite Flexifit and easily and quickly make your own patches that work fantasticly for $0.20 or less each. I know that is not exactly your point, but an additional solution. That also gives you the option of putting an Opsite directly on skin first, followed by the Dexcom sensor followed by another patch over the sensor with a cut out for the transmitter. That, for me has been the solution when ultimate sticking power is needed.


I get my Dexcom supplies through Advanced Diabetes Supply company. They are on top of it and notify me via text (bc that’s my personal preference) that my supplies are ready to ship out. I don’t even have to be the one to contact them first!


hehehe, title made me laugh. :joy:


I normally get an email at the end of every month to reorder my Medicare G5 Dexcom supplies. I did not get one at the end of March so called customer service and the rep was very nice and went through all the usual questions and gave me an order number. I don’t know why. but I asked him to confirm what would be in the order and he told me 5 sensors so I asked him about the test strips and he said OK and placed a second order for those and gave me an order number (lucky I asked). He asked me to stay on hold to take a survey.

The questions were rating 1-5 based on the help I got from the rep. He was trying very hard to please and obviously in training as I could hear a coach in his background from time to time. I decided due to his efforts I would give him a five and when I did that the system said 5 was not a valid choice so I gave him a 4 and the system took that. I guess they figure nobody deserves a 5 yet.

3-4 hours later I got an email confirmation with the order numbers for the 2 orders and that I should expect the supplies within 3-5 business days.

Not a perfect customer experience, but certainly one I can live with.

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Not impressed with Dexcom parameters for their sensors.

I had a sensor I’ve been wearing for 5 days, I already knew this one wasn’t acting as it should, a couple of days in when I calibrated it, at 20 points under what it should be, I then found it wasn’t reading my low properly. Yesterday I tried calibrating it again as I was seeing spots behind my eyes to find I was 62 on my finger stick when the sensor said I was 82.

So this morning I tested it and it said I was 104, but my meter said 146. Okay not good, calibrate. The arrow was sideways, supposedly not changing. Then the reader shows up with a message calibrate again in 15 minutes, it then changes that to another 5 minutes when the time should have been up. 114 sensor, 156 blood stick…now it says to recalibrate again and I wait and try to put in the new number and it just says calibration error and won’t take a number nor does it show a reading.

With calibration before I could get the numbers around 5 points off. So I call Dexcom. and tell them, they take down the numbers and say those numbers are okay it’s within 30% off. WTF??? The whole reason I have Dexcom is it’s supposed to be more accurate because you can calibrate it. It is not okay to think you’re at 104 or 114, which is fine with me, but to actually be 146 or 156??? Which is not. Plus to be at 62 when my sensor is saying I’m 82 and I’m not feeling bad until I saw spots? Shame on them!

They replaced it because my reader was frozen with it, not because the sensor had been off. Just a warning to you all that the sensor needs to be off by 30% for them to accept it’s not okay. I’m glad I lengthened some of my sensors that were working right as the next one fell off within a couple of minutes of applying it, I think I used too much Skin Tac and it didn’t adhere fast enough. Which I shouldn’t have to be using if they would fix their adhesive problem. So I called again and they replaced that one without questioning it. Wait time btw wasn’t bad within 5 minutes they answered both times, but this was tech support, not ordering. But I would be waiting for sensors to wear if I hadn’t extended usage.


With the high demand of Dexcom CGM they are know using providers that can supply the product for them without going directly through the manufacture. Quantum Medical is a nationwide provider Quantum will verify your insurance and also supply the product for you. Anytime you need to re order the sensors. Great customer service line. The phone number is 1-855-412-8046


The glucometer can easily be off 15 to 20 percent


If you check the accuracy and precision of your meter against the lab, you can then compare your CGM against a likely dependable meter number.

Every 90 days, when I see my endo, I have my blood drawn at the lab for a plasma glucose measurement and concurrently do three fingersticks to check my meter. I take the average of the three meter measurements and compare it to the lab plasma glucose number.

I usually get excellent correspondence between my meter and the lab.

3-18-19: 3 fingerstick meter average = 65.7 (3.7), lab glucose = 65 (3.6)
12-27-18: 3 fingerstick meter average = 89.3 (4.9), lab glucose = 89 (4.9)

I know we have to live with the vagaries of measuring devices that can give poor results. But checking against a lab can answer some of those questions.

Does anyone else do this?


Yes, I always do this but only do 1 check at lab against my Dexcom CGM and Contour meter. They are always virtually dead on


@Tony24 I have 3 meters, 2 different brands. And I use more than 1 meter whenever I get a big variance. That allows for a problem with one meter off. (I actually have 4 different brands of meters, I just mostly use the 2 brands)

I used the Libre and am used to sensors being off. But the Libre was most of the time off the same amount so I could adjust. The Libre was supposed to be off up to 30% too. If it varied both up and down so I couldn’t figure out an adjustment rate, I called for a replacement. So far all the Dexcoms I could calibrate and the Dexcom is a lot more expensive and is supposed to be more accurate, because you can calibrate. If calibrating isn’t working on a sensor and I am getting readings up and down but still in the 30% it’s supposed to be okay? No it’s not. Not when it reads I’m 114 and I’m 150, and then it reads I’m 82 and I’m 62, That is not acceptable and they should change it out with no question. And that’s why I say shame on them!


My wife uses the libre and it has been working well despite initial horror stories

I am hoping medicare approves this

it is supposed to be better then dex - with a lot less hassle

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@Tony24 I did do a comparison of the Libre versus the Dexcom. I actually wore them both for a few days when I switched to Dexcom. It’s under Choosing a CGM.

The Dexcom didn’t come out that much ahead. I decided on a win for Dexcom only because of the ability to calibrate it. Which in the long run is supposed to make it better.

But if they don’t accept that the calibration isn’t working on a sensor, I have a real problem with that.


Yes I.checked a few meters a few years ago and figured out that my Dexcom G5 was off because I had been calibrating it based on a terrible meter (one touch). I switched to a Contour Next based on some meter testing I read about on this forum, and checked it against my lab BG draw. Have had much better results with G5 after I started cslibrating with a more reliable meter.

One comment to the OP and the responders concerned about Dexcom customer service: In my experience the DME suppliers are all in the same boat ss Dexcom and struggle with fulfilling orders. The delays are caused by the complications of the pre authorization process vis Medicare or private insurance. That process seems to be designed to cause red tape, delays and mis communication…with the user always the last to know why the delsys occur.


Yes. I’m currently not wearing a Dexcom, for the second time this year. My transmitter battery died this past weekend and according to the Dexcom site, I’m not allowed to order a new transmitter until May. I’ve called and emailed customer service with no results. I’m thinking of switching to the Freestyle Libre.




I don’t know. I thought I’d be able to reorder in April.


I always restart (or start, if applicable) a sensor so that I get the maximum time out of each transmitter. I forget at the moment if that is day 105 or whatever, but I make sure to get all I can out of each xmitter so that I’m not going to be w/o one due to the insurance coverage rules (medicare in my case). AAMOF I thought I was supposed to get my next xmitter next month, but I just got off the phone with Dexcom and they said I’d be getting one this month, which is great. It’s now on order.