Dexcom Customer Service Dumpster Fire: How are you managing it?


Try Edwards they have dex - they get some bad reviews, but I could not ask for better or quicker service for the last year for getting my wife the libre


Thanks for the suggestion.


This is my 11th year on Dexcom. Over that time I have used work insurance, self-pay when I retired and now Medicare.
I have had more problems in the last three months than in all of those 11 years combined. I have had to revert to fingersticks twice because I was out of sensors or because Dexcom missed a scheduled transmitter shipment.
I believe I am stuck with Dexcom as the Medicare supplier. Please let me know if you have found another.


My wife uses them for libre - they have dex


Dexcom is having an exceptional unprecedented growing demand for their product and is unable to keep up with their past stellar operational performance. They appear to be doing all they can to catch up, but in the meantime, we are all suffering their poor service and need to make more efforts and more followup than previously to make sure we get our required Medicare products on time. In some states Dexcom deals directly with patient and in some states they deal through 3rd party. I don’t think you have an option to choose which one you want when on Medicare.


That’s about it in a nut shell.


Why don’t you just go online and reorder your sensors? That’s what I do and there is no talking to anyone.


I just called to place my March Medicare order and had a good experience. I was on hold for about 3 minutes. The agent who answered definitely had an accent but we had no problems understanding each other. She was pleasant and able to handle my order efficiently.

Interestingly she asked if I was OK with regular delivery which would be 3-5 business days for no charge. I didn’t ask but wondered if I could have chosen faster shipping for a fee. I was told to call back if I do not receive a tracking number within 5 days and they would then expedite my order.

As always I have plenty of supplies because I use my sensors for 10-14 days. And I just reset my transmitter in Spike and will probably get another 1-3 months with it. I recently got the warning message that my transmitter would expire in a couple of weeks and typically got the alert in the middle of the night. That drives me crazy! It seems to me that it would be simple programming to only have such alerts during the day. So I reset it in order to avoid more warnings.

In an ideal world I would take care of everything online but I am no longer getting the Medicare email reminders to expedite that. I don’t seem to be able to order online through my account and this message is on their website.


We have never been able to got to and access the ordering system while on Medicare. How we get our orders is to respond to the email that they send us. A couple of times, one of us won’t get the email (or get it in a timely fashion) so we call. Not a big deal.


Not specific to Dexcom, but demanding to speak to a supervisor or higher level support sometimes works with the call centers.

I’m planning to use Veterans Administration (VA) to give Dexcom a trial and as a bridge into Medicare. I sure hope I won’t end up hating Dexcom as much as I hate Medtronics.

Has anyone tried maintaining an off label Rx for the Libre as a backup?


LOL! I hear you, with regards to Medtronics–the company that tried to extort $500 from me several years after a pump upgrade and the company that can’t seem to innovate worth a darn for over a decade. They lost their mojo and we are the ones to suffer from the lack of better equipment that they should have been able to design in all this time–both in terms of the pumps, algorithms, UI, and sensor technology.

Dexcom, OTOH, I’ve no animus towards–their G5 serves me well, and I’m somewhat immune from all of the bad service that some people here have mentioned.


@Laddie, how do you “reset my (your) transmitter in Spike? Thanks in advance!


I think I’ve posted the link to this video before, but this should help.

On Facebook there is a group called Spike App where you can search for answers to your questions or ask a question if you can’t find answers.

The most important thing to know is that it is a bad idea to try to use the Spike App and the Dexcom G5 app at the same time because the transmitter will usually have communication errors. I usually go back to the G5 app after resetting my transmitter in Spike, but Spike has tons of great features if you’re willing to do the work to understand it.

The Spike App is only available through the website that is shared in the video. It is not available in the regular App Store. I just read on Facebook that the Spike website is down for maintenance but don’t know more than that.

G5 Transmitter Delivery Overseas
Our Dexcom G6 experiences

Great idea for some customers. Sadly, that will not work if your insurance (in my case Medicare with Aetna advantage plan) now requires something called a ‘K code’. This limits you to order 1 month at a time (new rule in 2019). Dexcom hasn’t modified the computer codes yet (will they ever?) so if you attempt an online order, you get a processing error message. Don’t even get me started on how frequently the sensors fail, adding yet more time on hold with that horrible hold music!


I am not sure the problem is “stellar performance.” Since moving from G5 to G6 last year, the G6 sensors fail 66% of the time. No exaggeration! I asked a tech to verify this: for the last 6 month’s, I have had 2 failures - sometimes more - per month. Each failure results in long holds with that insipid music. Everything from patch failure (now I add a Skin Tac Wipe (MS407W) before installing, and an overpatch (only available from Dexcom tech support and more hold time), to lost signals after only a few days, to a new sensor not even being recognized as new. The last tech I spoke to told me to wait 15 minutes between one sensor ending and inserting a new one due to a processing issue. Various techs have told me there design or programming issues, so Dexcom has had to replace a LOT of sensors. I would happily go back to the G5 to remove all this unnecessary aggravation, but i no longer have a working G5 receiver. So i’m kind of dubious about any claim of “stellar performance.”


@Gezunt, some folks swear BY the G6, and others swear AT them. I don’t know if my luck with the G5’s will transfer to the G6’s, but I’m sure hoping that it will.


Thanks, Laddie!

Yes, the website is down for maintenance. I’ll check it out.



I hope your transition is successful!


I had these kinds of problems with Dexcom even before it outsourced customer service. As a result I switched to the FreeStyle Libre. It doesn’t have an alarm, but I don’t need or want one. I love the Libre for many reasons, but one of them is relevant to you: the sensors can be purchased in store front pharmacies, if the mail order house supply doesn’t arrive on time. Also, they are much much less expensive than Dexcom sensors, so even when I’ve paid retail, it was affordable. My nephew teaches business at a major university, and when I described to him the problems I used to have getting Dexcom reorders, he said the reason could be that Dexcom was invented by engineers and engineers, rather than business people, are still running the company, and don’t know how to run it. Someday, he said, Dexcom will be bought out by a company that knows how to provide customer service.


We on Medicare are still on the G5 and in general don’t appear to have frequent sensor failures.