Dexcom Delays Medicare Coverage of G6


If you have it covered just use g5. It is actually more accurate for many than g6 apparently. I opted to stick with g5 for the time being because I still have a lot of g5 sensors.

And now a few people have said g6 is very innacurate for them. I already have huge off numbers with all the dex I have used, so it could be even worse for me.

I hate the g6 monstrosity of an inserter and I don’t like the idea of no calibration. Finger sticks have been, are and will always be more accurate for me. My cde said you can use it with calibrations though. The worst aspect of g5 is changing transmitters more often.

I personally cannot have any quality of life without a cgm so it would never be an option to stop. I would consider changing to something better and more accurate and cheaper.


It is your choice with G6 to use:

  • 100% Factory calibration
  • 100% Manual calibration
  • Mix of Factory with Manual calibration


It always makes sense to review your options and choose what is likely to provide the most benefit for you.


I appreciate you letting me know that – I was looking forward to nominal sensor accuracy of 9% and the ability to use acetaminophen if needed (NSAIDs are out)—but mostly the code-based calibration and Basal IQ algorithm, the latter which I require due to a tight regime that yields a 5.4 to 6.2 A1c, but also yields higher probabilities of hypoglycemic excursions.

Regarding my X2 G5, I have issues galore in accuracy, such as an interstitial reading of 177 but a bG in the 50s. Also, the pump must be 2-3 inches from the sensor/transmitter – but the same model manufactured in 2017 was usually accurate enough, and for pump/sensor/transmitter distance allowed 16” and the two could be on opposite sides of the body.

After 56 years of Type 1, I need a partial respite…


Thanks Tim, I guess I will figure it it out when I switch to G6🧐


Curious when you say you get your insulin from your doctor. Is he/she giving you samples or actually doing the billing to Medicare?


You aren’t prevented from calibrating the G6 if you so choose. You might want to look a bit closer at the system features and operation before condemning it. :slight_smile: My big concern is regarding “failed sensor” errors and adhesion, as those are two issues that crop up in G6 discussions.


I am given insulin at each 90-day visit. Nothing mysterious about it. No one is billing Medicare for it. It just so happens that my endo is awesome.


Your doctor must get lots of samples if she is your insulin supplier!


I would suppose so. Now that my wife and I go together, we get 6-7 bottles. Only one time in years did he say he was running low (when I was by myself and asked for 3 bottles, so I made do with 2).


SherryAnn, I think there are many Dexcom customers, like yourself and myself, that have seen them lose their shine in the last few years for a number of reasons. I would love it if a new company arrived on the scene with a stand alone CGM or one that could be integrated with more than one pump. I would never want to give up the CGM but I think Dexcom’s prominent position in the CGM marketplace could be, and should be, challenged!


Everyone has a choice. I’m one who chooses to let others jump in first, so am still using G4.
I m trying a G6, comparing to G4 at same time. At this point, don’t see advantage for G6 until I switch to t-slim X2 with integration.


That’s my feeling on them too. If my 530G fails, I’ll have to quickly replace it (out of warranty) and I’ll opt for the lesser or two evils, the X2. There are things I don’t like about it,but I have more fundamental dislikes with the 630/670. Since the G5 no longer functions with the newest X2 s/w, I’ll HAVE to use the G6 unless I want to continue wearing the Dexcom receiver.


Hi All, There are many of you that have written about the delays for newly released diabetic equipment. There is a simple answer. It is the calendar! The Federal Fiscal year begins on October 1st and runs thru September 30th of the next year. Next examine the date that Medicare “approved” the use of a given piece of equipment. Any Medicare approved notification in January of 2018 will not be available. Why? It is in the middle of the Oct 2018 thru Sept 2019 fiscal year. Meaning contracts and prices have not been determined!! Notice that Dexcom expects the release of Dexcom 6 in the 4th Quarter of 2019… The 4th Quarter of 2019 is the beginning of the next Federal Fiscal Year of Oct 2019 thru Sept 2020. I realize that this is a real hassle. Medicare needs to complete all necessary procedural matters Prior to the release and make it perfectly clear when the approved piece of equipment will become available to Medicare patients.


Well apparently not all at Dexcom read that memo about the 4th Quarter or keep up with Federal Fiscal years (do they begin in Mar?) I just received a box of 3 Sensors, an Xmitter and a Receiver for the G6, all boxes printed (not peel & stick label) that says “Medicare/Medicaid DME Beneficiary Only”. I’ve been on the Medicare G5 since July 2017, maybe I’m lucky or maybe an anomoly. Whichever, I’m glad because it works so well with my Tandem X2.


Glove,that’s interesting. I started on the G5 in September 2017. I’m in no hurry to switch over and hope that it is true that if I don’t like the G6 after trying it for a month or two, that I’ll be able to switch back. (I’ve lost track of the post that claims Dexcom told someone they would allow Medicare patients to go back to the G5 upon request).


Just out of curiosity did you receive the G6 startup package directly from Dexcom or through a third party such as a pharmacy? I know Dexcom is in the process of changing some medicare patients from direct ship to third party in several states and am just wondering if that could be playing a role in this situation. Did you get this when you were going through your standard monthly re-order process?


Standard Monthly ReOrder process from Dexcom. I had recently updated my “Contract” with the “Warrior” program and I got a Call from a Sales Rep. The Link in the email for ReOrder took me to a page that indicated I would be getting the G6


Had you already updated the X2 with the Basal-IQ algorithm such that you were able to immediately start using the Basal-IQ as soon as you started your first G6 session?

Assuming so, interesting to know your thoughts on it all.


The update to Basal-IQ (since I’m on a FIOS connection) went rather smoothly, about an hour or so of watching videos and doing the quizzes and then the download. I had been on the Ping Pump with Apidra and tried Fiasp in the X2 but it was a no go, so went with Novolog which I hadn’t used for almost 10 years (I have an allergy to Humalog) Novolog is good but slow and the Basal-IQ allows me to be more aggressive with my boluses. So it wasn’t “immediate” but I went to bed Friday night and haven’t worried since!


I wasn’t condemning it- you might want to re read what I wrote before assuming that. Dex has been very off for me and several people have told me g6 is terrible for them so naturally I have my worries. I also think allowing no calibrartion is a bad idea. critiquing is not condemning. Stopping sensors, failed insertions etc and possible worse tech support is very worrisome for those of us who really need cgm.