DEXCOM enzyme , and metals? leak in body?


Could you tell me if Enzyme in dexcom sensor could leak in body?

Moreover, as I know te sensor is made from platinum ,silver and polymer... do you know any research that shows average metal leaked by sensor in 7 days?

Could you tell me if any other material or chemical in the sensor beside the ones I mentionned?

What is the composition of polymer?

Do you have any image of dexcom g4 sensor in detail and each part of sensor?(and layers)?

Thank you

sorry I do not know have the answer to your questions but wondering do you work for a company that want’s that information? sounds more of wanting to make a simular sensor. etc… sorry guess it is my sceptical day, just curious why so interested in the small and yet improtant specific information.

No I just want know the details of foreign body I will inject in my body.
By any chance, could you develop any skin reaction or immune reaction ? Could you tell me what the users reported from tudiabetes group?

I will be really glad if someone could answer the questions I asked in first post.


Have you contacted Dexcom with this question? They are extremely helpful and will probably give you all the info you need, including anything you should be worried about. If, there is anything to worry about...

Seriously, seems to me there are more toxins in your body due to high blood glucose than any sensor could do.

I seen several people reported issue at injection site.. Redness, itching,etc
Feel free to give your feedback. what are the skin reaction you seen?