Dexcom errors

I started my Dexom last Wednesday. It started right up after the 2 hour calibration period. Then that night it kept telling my BG was in the 230s, but it was really in the 130s. Once I entered my meter results, it went into Sensor error 1. The next morning I entered my BG and was up and running.

Friday night I had an almost low (89) and my dex read 130s. I entered the correct BG and it went into sensor error 1. This has happened several times now. If I am going low, and I tell the Dex, it goes right into sensor error 1. This just happened again! I am so frustrated. After an hour, when I enter the BG like instrcuted by the book and tech support, it works. But, then it eventually goes back into sensor error when I enter a BG lower than what the Dex is reading. It is almost time to change a sensor, but DANG! My CDE had me put it in my stomach.

Could this be related to sensor location?