Dexcom failure after 13 months

I have had a dexcom 7 plus for 13 months. The warranty period is 12 months. Yesterday, my receiver posted an error message 16POFZD93c. Dexcom would not identify what the error was, either the receiver or the transmitter. Dexcom stated only that the warranty period was over. I searched the code on line to discover that the transmitter internal battery life is about 13 months, and it cannot be replaced. A new transmitter is $950. I also read from other dexcom users that the receiver life is around 1-2 years as well at a replacement cost of %1,800.00. I am very satisfied with the Dexcom's performance, but I did not know the self life was so short. I would like to hear from users as to how long their Dexcom worked. Thanks

I started my PLUS 14 months ago (on a part-time basis) and suspect the transmitter will conk any time now. The cost of replacements makes Dexcom too expensive for me. I'd like to use sensors part-time but the ongoing hardware replacement costs makes part-time use impractical. Sensor cost is bad enough at $40 per after insurance. In your case, unless Dexcom guarantees a fair upgrade price when the G4 system launches, you might want to hold off until it launches (latest estimate is end of this year).

Ask a repair shop to replace the battery. They are rare these days but some can still operate a soldering iron.

I'm glad you posted this. Their short battery life and non-replacement policy puts all of us who have so highly recommended Dexcom in the position of feeling we have disastrously let down the people we were supposedly helping.
I certainly won't be recommending them any more as long as they have this non-replacement of battery requiring a new transmitter. Maybe they think customers will be replaced by new customers.
I hope Dexcom decides it isn't worth creating bad relationships with those who use their electronics. They need better performance and better exchange policies to serve the community of users.