Dexcom financial assistance

I got my Dexcom in Jan 2014, however when I went to re order my next set of supplies they told me it would be $400.00 (after insurance) to refill, which is not even possible. I really want to start wearing my Dexcom again because my blood sugars were much more controlled, just wondering if anyone knows of any financial assistance that will make this possible...

Sometimes insurance can be hard to figure out. There is a deductible, an amount that you have to pay before insurance starts to kick in. There is sometimes a separate deductible for medical and pharmacy benefits. Once you reach your deductible then you should be covered with a co-pay. If that $400 charge is both your deductible and your co-pay you may find the next order much more affordable.

ps. It is for this reason that I often stock up on all my supplies before the end of the year.

Yes this is with my co pay and deductible. But even after my deductible it’s still crazy expensive, and it’s weird because my tandem pump supplies are all covered 100%

You should make sure that you are being billed under durable medical equipment (DME).