Dexcom frustration....with the company


Nope, not prone to extra pain. I mean things like blood draws don’t feel good, but they aren’t an issue. I find the stomach to be a very uncomfortable spot, and since day one (8 years ago) inserting the Dexcom sensor has been very painful. I try and insert it smoothly and quickly.

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I found mine hurt, sometimes a LOT. My solution was to ‘slap’ the inserter for the fastest insertion possible. This has greatly decreased the pain. Sometimes I feel NOTHING! Other times it is only a small sting.


@ginny_e have you tried icing the area you plan to insert your Dexcom sensor first? Sometimes that makes all the difference for me.


Pain upon insertion of the Dexcom? I am actually really surprised to hear this. Mine go in with almost nothing but a small pinch, less than my Omnipod actually. I guess it may be different for some people, but “pain” tells me something is not being done right, bad insertion site, or extremely sensitive area. It should not hurt more than a small prick when it is initially inserted. Hopefully some day they will get auto insertion like the Omnipod.


My PA just told me about Libre’s scan-able CGM and the inset is really really small - size of a quarter. The downside is you have to scan for your BG but wondering if that’s ok when your pregnant


@dipsyhat for the homebrew I don’t play by the rules crowd, there is a way to turn the Freestyle Libre into a full time broadcasting CGM similar to Dexcom, especially if you use Android.


The scanning tech (NFC - Near field communication) is harmless

Libre works great for some folks - not so great for others - there are tons of vids on youtube

My wife uses it -


You are referring to Blucon, I presume. Folks who are interested should try googling Blucon.

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I am @Dave44. I have a friend that uses the Blucon and is very happy with the performance. He is also an avid XDrip user

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The miaomiao also works with the Libre and from what I’ve heard is even better than the Blucon. I’m hoping to get one this year because I’m a bit tired of the Blucons signal drops and it’s not waterproof either.


I thought that one of the Blucon versions is waterproof. Are you saying otherwise?


One version is but it is not reusable and each one costs about $50 and since they would only last 2 weeks that would quickly make it unaffordable for me.


I guess that system is a whole lot cheaper than Dexcom, eh? When you get on Medicare (if in the US) the price doesn’t matter, as it’s free if you have a supplemental plan.