Dexcom G4 and outside activities

Does anyone have experience with reading the new G4 system in sunlight? I am a runner and cyclist and love that I can see my Seven while on a ride in the sun. I use an Animas Ping pump and have problems reading the screen while in the sun. This has resulted in my accidentally suspending the pump while attempting to temporarily lower my basal rate during a ride.

I can no longer get supplies for the Seven and am not excited about the new color screen with the small arrows.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you - JB

I can't see the G4 screen at all in bright sunlight.

Thank you George. Is it useful at all in the sunshine? I mean can you shade it with your hand and see the trend? If not, I guess I’ll be back to a lot more finger sticks.

Thank you very much for your insight.


If you shade the G4 display you can see it. I have the same problem with my Animas pump display. It makes me wonder if the product development ever included input from PWDs living in the real world. It also helps me to see the display when I remove sunglasses.

This is an inconvenience but the utility of the G4 CGM outweighs this nuisance by a lot. By the way, the accuracy of the G4 is greater than the 7+ model and data dropout is almost eliminated.