Dexcom G4 keeps breaking

Has anyone else had problems with their Dexcom G4 CGM, where the plastic tab on the side where the USB is breaking? I have broken 3 of them. When the tab breaks, the cover no longer stays in place, which then cannot keep dust and contaminants out of the device.

Before anyone says that I'm too rough on my meters, I am not. I keep it in my front pocket, don't drop it, and generally take very good care of it. When I spoke to technical support today, I asked the woman if she has seen many CGMs break in this area, which she said she has. She then told me that Dexcom recently changed the materials in the meter. When I asked her if this was to remedy the fact that they are breaking in this area, she told me that she never said they were.

I purchased my original meter in December 2012, so it is now out of warranty, and they will not replace it again. This seems pretty clear to be a manufacturing defect, and something Dexcom should stand behind, but maybe I'm asking for too much? Dexcom last replaced my meter in September of 2013, so I've had this one for about 8 months before breaking.

The woman in technical support told me my only option is to get started on the process of getting a new meter, that Dexcom would not replace this one. Unfortunately, my insurance covers only 50% of the cost, so it is not a great option. She also said that I could just keep using it as is, which is what I'm going to do, but when I told her that every tech who I've spoken to in the past about this has told me that it is not good to do this, she said that it should be okay.

I'm just trying to find out if others have the same experience with the meter breaking in that spot?

I have had the door fall off a couple of times. Initially I had the receiver replaced but then it meant I couldn't merge the data from the 2 receivers. The next one I just kept when the door fell off and got it replaced when the 1 year warranty expired. I currently now have 2 receivers and I never close the door on either one. I haven't had any issues with dust or dirt in them and it hasn't affected how either one works.

Yes mine broke about a year ago. It works just fine broken and haven’t bothered to replace.

The obvious caution is to keep it in a lint free pocket. May even want to put some tape over the opening & replace as needed. I have had 2 Dexes, both via insurance, and have not had a slot cover break (knock on wood). I do have a cover on Dex though it does not cover the slot.It covers the corners so that helps. I have dropped it a few times with no problems. On a wood floor which is softer than harder surfaces perhaps.
I had a cell phone for several years with its charger slot uncovered and never had problems with that.

I have never had mine break. I keep it in a Tallygear cover which completely covers it and I wear it on a Spibelt.