Dexcom G4

who used the Dexcom G4 and what are your experiences with this?
I use the (7 +) for a year now but I want to replace it for the G4
Regards Gerrit.


As far as I know (and I try to keep fairly well up on these things) the Dexcom G4 has not yet been FDA approved and is not yet on the market. A few people have experience using it for trials but at least in the US it’s not available yet. I am less well versed in the international market so I’m not sure if it’s available there but we have not heard much from them regarding the G4 yet either.


I double what Rebecca said, I know it is been approved for the EU in June, but not for the U.S.

Hi Gerrit, I've been using the G4 (my first CGM) since early July as it was approved for Europe in middle of June. I managed to get my hands on one from the first shipment of 20 to the UK! It's been absolutely brilliant for me and has made my life so much easier. The super-smart receiver works up to 6 meters away and the sensor is more accurate than the 7+, particularly for forewarning hypos so I can prevent those now. Although guaranteed for a week, all my sensors have lasted between 2 to 4 weeks. I have to self-fund as it's not available on the NHS but it's been worth every penny to me. Hopefully the FDA will approve it by the end of the year.

Using now for one week the G4.
The numbers are very small for me, especially the red when I'm low.
It is difficult to read especially outside, do you have the same promblems?

Wrong, it has been approved in the US, Check out or go to

They have to draw the line somewhere. If they make an exception for you then why don't they do it for someone who got a 7+ the week before or the week before that and so on. If they don't draw a line and specify a date they'd be giving away upgrades left right and centre and before long be out of business then see how much people whinge and complain!

Yes the $$$ does come into it but take a moment and think about what it costs to develop and produce these things. I for one agree that they NEEDED to choose a date and stick to it.