Dexcom G5 and Airport Security

What kind of scanner is used on the conveyor belt? Is it okay to send extra cgm sensors through that in the carry-on bags?

The conveyor uses an X-ray. Do not put your extra sensors, extra transmitters or your receiver onto the conveyor belt. Put them into a plastic bag and ask that they be manually screened as a medical device. I keep a plastic bag with the page from the Dexcom manual stating that these components should not be exposed to X-rays or AIT.

Thanks, Brian!

I fly with my G5 all the time. I do not remove my extra sensors and transmitter from my carry on when I send it through the X-Ray, nor do I worry about the AIT or metal detector. I have not had it negatively affect anything. My guess is that Dexcom simply did not β€œtest” it. I know lots of frequent travelers with T1D that go through with their Dexcom.